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Mar 1, 2014 ... You are basically just tying two snell knots. ... How to Tie a Double Snell Rig, Easy double fish hook setup ... this until I moved from Ohio to Arizona and a lot of vids show a snell but only using a leader not the main line..
May 17, 2014 ... Learn How to Snell a Fishing Hook, Snelling two hooks, three or more spade end hooks fast and easily ... one of the better videos of how to snell two hooks, u are the best ... Very informative, makes knot tying look easy. .... Tie Hooks, braid to mono knots, leader knots, knots for lures, fluorocarbon knots .
Jul 4, 2016 ... How to tie multiple hook for fishing. ... using for 5 years and the one my father used for way more than that. ... how to tie fishing line to leader,
Apr 27, 2016 ... The Snell Knot is an easy knot to use to tie your hooks to your leader. It is also a great knot to use to attach your second hook to your leader ...


How to use the double hook rig for catfish with big pieces of cut bait to target monster trophy class catfish. ... but more a way of attaching multiple hooks to a single leader for hooking really big baits ... One to two pound catfish cannot get a huge piece of cut bait into their mouth most often, ... How To Tie The Double Hook Rig.


Run the line through the eye of the hook, then tie a loose double overhand knot in the end of the line. 2. ... Pass the loop through the hole in the overhand knot one more time. 3. ... (for attaching line to a leader loop, or snelled hook to the line ).


Hold the hook and thread one end through the eye. ... ability to snell “in sequence ”, that is, snelling two or more hooks on the same leader. ... second hook, but, take a seperate piece of mono and tie the second hook the same ...


Snell Knot Tying ... It aligns the fishing line or leader with the shank of the hook. ... Advantages: The Snell Knot is one of the older knots and is claimed to provide ...


Feb 9, 2016 ... Dean Panos, of Double D Charters in Miami, favors snelled hooks ... Tying a snell with heavy leader is a chore, and once 125- to ... One day we caught 14 white marlin, [and there were] opportunities for tuna and blue marlin.”.


See the diagrams below on how to tie a fishing knot to attach the hook to the trace. ... attachment is one of the strongest fishing knots around, whereas tying to the ... When tying a two hook pilchard rig, we have found that keeping the hooks in ...