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(As of version 2.1) If you are using a different soundfont than the default one and if you are able to export MP3 files, a checkbox "Upload score audio" will be ...


MuseScore supports a wide variety of file formats, which allows you to share and publish scores in the format that best meets your needs. You can import files via ...


Apr 23, 2015 ... I think I'm supposed to save it as a pdf file, but where do I go from there? ... how do you *create* the PDF file from MuseScore, File / Export.


Sep 21, 2009 ... If you could save music on muse score directly into mp3 format it would be ... If you have itunes, you can import the .wav file and convert to MP3.


Mar 16, 2017 ... To share your MuseScore creation with someone who's not on ... Buttons to post the score directly to your social media account(s): Facebook, ...


FAQ. Frequently asked questions about MuseScore.com. ... Mobile apps. Special features of apps connecting to MuseScore.com.


Taking a wild guess: it is supposed to convert a score in PDF format (say, a scan) into a ... I just tried to use it to import a musescore generated PDF file. The web ...


You create a video file of the song ( I now use HD for my videos 720P 30fps) and I original files are .wav not ... The way I upload my music is through iMovie.


Oct 24, 2011 ... Sharing sheet music on Facebook MuseScore.com is a great tool to share sheet music with your friends on Facebook. Not only does it let them ...


Apr 14, 2014 ... How do I open a Musescore file I have saved into DropBox? ... I got MuseScore on iPad just to access the files I made back in the days, and I ...