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Available for use on the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, DS Lite, and DS consoles, this key allows you to ... Tap it with your stylus to load the Action Replay cartridge.

Mar 9, 2008 ... This is a video tutorial on how to use Action Replay DS. ... rf card in then press "y" then choose the cheats. u get loads of games on an rf card .... Mine doesnt bring me to the screen saying the product isnt licensed by nintendo.


Insert your action replay as you normally would into your Nintendo DS. ... if your Action Replay does not load, your DS is not detecting your action replay. ... You can also use electronics cleaner, which is available at most electronics stores or  ...


How to Add Codes Onto Your Action Replay for Nintendo DS. There are a lot of fantastic video games out there, especially for Nintendo DS and some players ...


my dsi action replay reads to the computer but not to my ds (Lite) it worked fine until i let my friend use it on his Dsi for pokemon black and white ...


Hm. Well first of all you need to put the selected DS game in the slot in the Action Replay chip. When you're done with that, you put the action replay in the DS ...


Is it the ar with the slot or not?if it is not then first put the ar in then when it loads and gets you to the menu take it out and put the game in.


Aug 11, 2008 ... Your Action Replay DS hardware may require resetting if you are ... You can use the Code Manager PC software without any problems until the ... until the Action Replay DS loads to it`s home screen; If Action Replay DS ... FAQs · The console freezes with a white screen or at the Nintendo logo, 16/07/2008.


For Pokemon White Version on the DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled " Why cant i use my action replay?".


Works perfectly, has not broken after normal use. Just don't handle it too roughly or toss it around, it is somewhat fragile. I use it to Pokegen Pokemon in ...