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Q: I want to watch scary movies?
A: the omen. grave encounters. kill list. the innkeepers. the cabin in the woods. the texas chainsaw massacre. the blair witch project. final destination 5 (not th... Read More »
Q: How to Watch a Scary Movie by Yourself
A: 1 Pick a scary movie to watch. If this is your first time watching a horror film opt for a less frightening flick, such as Scream or Prom Night. Ad 2 Cuddle wit... Read More »
Q: How to watch a scary movie and not be scared?
A: honestly, the only movies that scare me are ones that are realistic. Like "United' about the plane during 911 actually scared me more than something like Parano... Read More »
Q: How does watching a scary movie affect how fast you breath?
A: watching a scary movie can affect how fast your heart rate is because, when your brain registers a scary part in the movie your heart beats faster to allow more... Read More »
Q: How to watch scary movies without jumping?
A: If you prepare yourself for what could happen and remain calm, you may not Read More »