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NMSU: Minimizing Weaning Stress on Calves


Facilities, labor, and feed resources should be considered when deciding which weaning protocol is most likely to minimize stress on calves while still preparing ...

Low-Stress Weaning - iGrow.org


Aug 25, 2014 ... Weaning is a stressful time for calves. This stress can contribute to reduced feed consumption, which means poor nutrition. It also can depress ...

Spring Weather Requires Attention to Cattle Health | Bovine ...


Mar 4, 2008 ... Adapting to changing weather is hard on cattle, especially in the spring ... a spring blizzard, can throw off the health of even weaned, heavy calves. ... “ Fluctuating weather can stress newborn calves, freshly weaned fall-born ...

Winter Management of the Beef Cow Herd - NDSU Agriculture


Plains can be challenging seasons for weaning and calving. In the fall, wet, cold ... value of the hair coat critical to already stressed calves. In the spring, wet and ...

Blizzard leaves thousands of cattle dead across western South Dakota


Oct 18, 2013 ... Some calves not yet weaned may not have had any preweaning vaccinations. “ Long-term stress has the effect of inhibiting the immune system ...

The Cow-Calf Manager - Virginia Tech


Sounds good - lower feed costs, more cows breeding back, higher weaning weights - what ... Western producers regularly face "calf killing" blizzards and severe cold. ... Heat stress is more of a problem than cold in Virginia because of the high ...

BLOG : Star Brand Beef


We practice low-stress weaning, separating the cows from their calves but ..... But late that night, a freakish blizzard blew in ~ when I woke the next morning and ...

Full Text - Journal of Animal Science - Article | American Society of ...


Dec 12, 2014 ... Animal welfare in the beef cattle industry has strengthened over time ... In 2013, a rare October blizzard (winter storm Atlas) killed thousands of cattle in ..... Similarly , attaching a nose flap to calves reduces weaning stress by ...

The Cow-Calf Manager - Virginia Tech


Except in years of extreme disease outbreaks or blizzards, this makes calf losses within 24-48 .... Cows, Services per conception, Pregnancy rate, Calf Gain Birth to Weaning ... Cold stress on calves has more lethal consequences than cows.

Livestock | Brown's Ranch


Yet, their weaning efficiency is over 50 percent. ... No: blizzards, snow, mud, ice, sick calves (scours, pneumonia, over-eating, etc.), dirty udders, laid on calves, frozen ears, cattle in confinement, stressed cattle, stressed people, bedding corrals, ...

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Animal Health Concerns Following October Blizzard - iGrow.org


Oct 9, 2013 ... Prolonged stressful events, such as the blizzard experienced over the ... Weaned calves may be more susceptible to coccidiosis as well.



Vaccinating calves at the proper time can help protect them until weaning ... This can be just as stressful as weaning calves in cold temperatures in a blizzard.

Research focuses on reducing heat stress for calves in plastic hutches


Mar 4, 2016 ... Research focuses on reducing heat stress for calves in plastic hutches ... Calf hutches are used for effectively improving health and growth prior to weaning. Friend's .... Latent effects of blizzard a concern for cow-calf producers.