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Subnivean climate (From Latin for "under" (sub) and "snow" (nives) refers to the zone in and ... at a faster rate with higher temperatures, in the presence of water, under larger...

Why is it warmer under the snow?


The farther you move above or below the snow surface, the warmer it gets. The air temperature only two metres above the snow may be 5-10<sup>o</sup>C warmer than at ...

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Sounds may seem clearer and travel farther under these circumstances. ... a house, and thus slows the flow of heat from the warm ground to the cold air above.

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The temperature under a layer of snow does not usually fall below freezing. The heat from any animals or plants under the snow is trapped in a warm 'igloo'.

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While it can be too warm to snow, it cannot be too cold to snow. Snow ... Under certain conditions, usually requiring near-freezing temperatures, light winds, and  ...

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Simply, hail stones fall fast, too fast to let the warm air melt the hail. This is not the main explanation, however, for why it can snow when it is above freezing.

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As a result, more microbe colonies may thrive when it warms under the snow cover, ... If a warmer world means the delayed arrival of the snowpack, even more  ...

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Dec 29, 2014 ... Under the snow, these tiny mammals create long tunnel systems ... Warm, moist water vapor rising into the bottom layer of snow cools, ...

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Nov 24, 2014 ... Under the snow, small mammals (such as this vole) take advantage of ... ptarmigan plunge into snow on especially frigid nights to stay warm.

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Jan 20, 2003 ... Their winters are spent under the snow, in a weird and fascinating ... It is always relatively warm in the tunnels, but it is also damp and dark.