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If God Created Everything, Who Created God?


God has no need to have been created, since He exists either outside time ( where cause and effect do not operate) or within multiple dimensions of time ( such ...

If God created the universe, then who created God? - creation.com


But God by definition is the uncreated creator of the universe, so the question ' Who created God?' is illogical, just like 'To whom is the bachelor married?'.

Who created God - creation.com


If a creator God needs to have been made by a creator, that creator would also need a creator who needs a creator … like an infinite chain of toppling dominos,  ...

Who Made God? : Christian Courier


“Where did God come from? Who made him?” This is a frequently asked question , and it may be addressed in two basic ways. The most direct answer is the one ...

If God created the universe, The Who Created God ??? - YouTube


Aug 1, 2014 ... In this video I answer the question: If God created the universe ... Then who created God? Come and like us on Facebook ...

How was God created? | Questions & Answers - Christianity.net.au


Hi Grant,. The assumption that you are making is that there was a point in time when absolutely nothing existed, be it physical or spiritual. But if you think about it , ...

What Was God Doing Before Creation? | Answers in Genesis


Oct 1, 2012 ... Time is actually a created entity. The first verse of the Bible reads: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” ( Genesis 1:1 ...

Who created God? Who made God? Where did God come from?


This is a slightly more sophisticated form of the basic question “Who made God?” Everyone knows that something does not come from nothing. So, if God is a ...

Who Created God? | Catholic Answers


Feb 20, 2013 ... How should one respond to the old schoolboy retort, “If everything needs a cause , who caused God?” First, philosophers and theologians do ...

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Q: How was god made?
A: This is one of many things not explained by religious texts. ChaCha again soon! Read More »
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Q: How was god made-?
A: God was made by super God by proclaiming "Let there be God!" and there was God. Read More »
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Q: How was god made?
A: In man's head Read More »
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Q: How was god made?
A: You must understand that God is the creator not the created. And a real answer to that question is way beyond human expectations. We as humans couldn't even com... Read More »
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Q: How was god made?
A: Trust me, the religious folks don't get it either. They take it as a matter of faith that God always existed, with no beginning and no end. The fact that this m... Read More »
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