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A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that spins while in contact with both the surface of .... A tornado is "a violently rotating column of air, in contact with the ground, either pe...

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The widest tornado ever recorded by the National Weather Service was 2.6 miles in diameter. It occurred in El Reno, Okla., in 2013. Tornadoes this wide are ...

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Mobile Doppler radars can measure wind speeds in a tornado above ground level, .... There is a statistical trend toward wide tornadoes having higher EF- scale ...

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Learn basic tornado facts and review Missouri's tornado history. ... Tornadoes can be more than one mile wide and stay on the ground for over 50 miles.

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When a tornado is visible but does not touch the ground, it is properly called a .... for tornadoes the question is How wide can a tornado be at the ground? can ...

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Jun 29, 1998 ... Damage paths can be more than 1 mile wide and 50 miles wide. The typical ... Once the funnel touches the ground is becomes a tornado.

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Jun 18, 2009 ... Twelve facts about when, where and how tornadoes form, as well as how ... can tear off roofs, destroy mobile homes and lift cars off the ground.

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The widest tornado on record, which struck El Reno, Oklahoma on May 31, 2013 was 2.6 miles (4.2 km) wide. The average tornado is 50 to 100 yards wide.

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Damage paths can be in excess of one mile wide to 50 miles long. In an average year, 1000 ... When it reaches the ground it is called a tornado. Funnel Cloud

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Damage paths of tornadoes can be in excess of one mile wide and 50 miles long. Tornadoes can accompany tropical storms and hurricanes once on land.

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Interactive Tornado Map! ... Tornado WunderPhotos: View More Tornado Photos ... Where do tornadoes most often occur in the United States? ... A tornado is a violently rotating column of air which descends from a thunderstorm to the ground . ... Tornado paths range from 100 yards to 2.6 miles wide and are rarely more than ...

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As the storm moves along the ground, this outer ring of rotating winds ... Although very rare (only about 2% are violent), these extreme tornadoes can last for hours. .... by winds in excess of 260 mph and a damage path up to 0.75 mi wide.

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Depending on the forward movement of the tornado and how strongly the tornado is interacting with the ground, there can be a wide variety of effects. A nearly ...