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Click all appropriate answers and find out which assassin you resemble most. ... I suspect that the assassin is actually dangerous I will become *really* paranoid.


So you want to tackle with the ageless activity known as assassination? You knocked on the right door! This article is an introduction to the sacred art of ...


What would my road be from start to first assignment ... Convert to Judaism. Move to Israel. Find a way to join Mossad. Reportedly the Israeli Mossad is the world's ...


This article will still give you all the info you need to become an awesome ancient assassin. Just don't go ACTUALLY killing anybody, okay? In order to get in the ...


Since the advent of radio and television, assassins have enjoyed numerous media portrayals. Most of these have been favorable. In fact, a great number have.


Assassins are stealthy killers who notice every detail of the environment around them. Their ability to be quiet ... How can I become a real assassin? wikiHow ...


An assassination is "to murder (a usually prominent person) by a sudden and/or secret attack, often for .... What is your motivation for becoming an Assassin?


Feb 26, 2015 ... That's when you have to become an assassin, a distraction assassin that is. You don't have to be Jason Bourne or Le Femme Nikka to ...


Jan 24, 2012 ... How does success like that become, not just a habit, but a way of life? Over the ... Successful assassins focus on their strengths: killing people.

Oct 19, 2011 ... How to be an assassin in real life in 5 very simple steps. Become a master assassin in no time Thanks to Blazerkid95 for the Epic Music ...