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How to Become an Astrophysicist
Astrophysicists perform research that focuses on both the largest and smallest structures in the universe, from individual atoms up to superclusters of galaxies. Getting a job in the field means spending many years in school. The U.S. Bureau of Labor... More »
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How to Become an Astrophysicist. Astrophysics is a demanding field, but if you have a passion for the stars and love unraveling the mysteries of the universe, ...

Mar 28, 2013 ... Find out when the director of the Hayden Planetarium and host of StarTalk Radio answers a fan's question on how to become an astrophysicist.


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Career path guide on how to become an astrophysicist. Learn what it takes to get into this field, including the education and traits you'll need.


Jan 13, 2012 ... Professional astrophysics/astronomy is not about looking at stars per se (except at occasional star parties, for outreach or as a sideline hobby ...


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What's it like being an astronomer? (Submitted .... Becoming an Astronomer/ Astrophysicist. Where can I find information on how to become an astronomer?


Astrophysics is usually a graduate specialization with most people coming in with a physics degree. The following courses for math and physics are necessary


Dec 10, 2016 ... So what advice would you give to a young teenager, at the start of their life, who wants to become an astronaut or an astrophysicist? We get our ...