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Don't sweat it. We're sure this How to Replace a Harmonic Balancer article will help you get your car back on track!

Jan 8, 2009 ... ... to hold a harmonic balancer steady while removing the crankshaft bolt. ... Its a good idea to pull the coil wire before trying this so the car won't ...
Aug 9, 2012 ... Get a harmonic balancer puller for about $20 on ... How are you keeping the damper from spinning as you turn on the removal tool? Are you wedging something in there? ... Thanks for all that information fixing cars. I need to ...


Jun 27, 2017 ... Begin with vehicle on level ground, lifted safely in the air, if needed, engine ... Step 1 - Gain access to the harmonic balancer by removing the ...


Aug 25, 2016 ... Jack the vehicle up high enough to obtain access to the harmonic balancer, located on the front of the motor and attached to the crankshaft.


Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer Replacement costs between $114-$836 on average. Get an instant estimate for your car. Book a mobile mechanic, backed by ...


So you want to replace your harmonic balancer, huh? There's good news and bad news. First, the good news: Installing a new balancer is a relatively easy task .


Your car's harmonic balancer absorbs engine vibrations and keeps them at a ... Replacing one is excellent preventative maintenance, and that's exactly what ...


Jun 24, 2014 ... If any of these signs are detected, we recommend replacing your vehicle's balancer with a PowerBond by Dayco harmonic balancer.


Feb 13, 2014 ... Harmonic balancer/damper - How to remove and install ... this tool against the vehicle frame, firewall, or ground to keep the crank from turning.