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Ghost hunting is a pseudoscience wherein its adherents visit and investigate locations that are reported to be haunted by ghosts. Typically, a ghost hunting team will attempt to collect evidence that they see as supportive of paranormal activity. .... EMF meter: to detect possibly unexplained fluctuations in electromagnetic fields ...


Okay so here are Six Ways to Detect Paranormal / Occult Activity in your House. 1 ) Lights On and Off – A common paranormal activity is lights switching on and ...


Most paranormal investigators will tell you the best piece of equipment you have in detecting paranormal activity is you and what you notice via your five senses.


Apr 18, 2016 ... How do you know if the bumps over head are ghostly footsteps or bad plumbing? There are a few simple techniques that can be used to detect ...


If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home, take a moment to observe what type of energy you feel you are dealing with. If it is a Spirit or a loved ...

Aug 25, 2010 ... Watch more Happy Halloween videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/399020- How-to-Detect-Paranormal-Activity Sometimes strange ...


paranormal itself means parallel to normal science . some symptoms (these are symptoms and these don't certify a paranormal activity , for proper verification a ...


You can test for paranormal activity by capturing EVP audio recordings. Start recording ... Use an EMF Meter to Check for Moving Fields & Unusual Readings.


When hunting for ghost activity, your first line of research should be your own ... that the paranormal expert can determine whether or not they'll be able to help.


Best ghost hunting and paranormal research equipment for sale for everyone from ... It's up to you to determine if those changes are due to paranormal activity.