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A biracial child would identify with both races. For instance, the child of a Caucasian mother and an African-American father would identify as someone who belongs to both of those...

Multiracial American


It was socially advantageous for the Hemings children to identify as white, .... Some insist that their child is 'human above all else' and that race or ethnicity is ...

The Race of Birth: Systemic Racism Again? - - Racism Review


May 5, 2013 ... If neither parent was White, the child was assigned the race of the father. ... we are asked again and again to identify our multiracial children?

If a child is biracial, who determines the child's race? | Yahoo ...


Feb 6, 2007 ... Best Answer: As far as society goes, when a person is bi racial or multiracial what race he/she looks more like is what people will judge him/her ...

How do you determine your race if your father is black and your ...


There's no specific test to determine if you're white or black or anything else. ... What is the race of a child if the father is white and the mother is black?

Standards for the Classification of Federal Data on Race and Ethnicity


Summary: In 1977, OMB issued the Race and Ethnic Standards for Federal ..... Hispanic respondents who do not identify with any race category could mark ...

Table 44 - Texas Department of State Health Services


Oct 3, 2014 ... Table 44 from the Vital Statistics Annual Report for 2005: Race/Ethnicity Computation For Texas Birth And Death Events.

research methods - How do you determine how much of an ethnicity ...


Nov 14, 2012 ... But (for example) in the Soviet Union, the government determined race (and put it in your passport so that everybody would know) based on the ...

Administering Identity: The Determination of Race in Race ...


the importance of race classification to anti-discrimination law and its fun- damental ... cannot avoid having explicitly to determine and defend how it is we ask.

Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Child Population | Child Trends


According to the National Research Council, race is a social category determined both by genetically transmitted physical markers (skin color, hair texture, and ...

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A: If your main concern is with child support or social security, citizenship and domicile will be of more concern. The Canadian mother and the Pakistani father co... Read More »
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Q: When a black and white couple have a child how do u determine the...
A: lol they call themselves "mixed"..maybe it all depends on the child..One of them is me but im Black and Asian..I really do like both and i was born in the U.S b... Read More »
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Q: How is the race of a child determined in the United States?
A: Update : Lol I'm not trying to pry into any race, I'm just asking a question. ...show more It actually depends on where you're born, what you look like, and in ... Read More »
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Q: How to Determine a Child's IQ.
A: Intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a marker used to measure the level a child’s intelligence or mental comprehension. There are many different methods to evaluate... Read More »
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Q: How Is Race Determined on a Birth Certificate?
A: Birth certificates contain a good deal of information, much of it personal identifying information. The types of details recorded vary among jurisdictions. Some... Read More »
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