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Child Custody Information Sheet – Recommending Counseling (Form FL-313- INFO). Read this form if your case is in a county where there is "child custody ...

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Below you will find links to forms related to child custody and visitation in your state -- including information on parenting plans and agreements where available.

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When a parent decides to file for child custody, it may be difficult to determine where to go and with whom to speak. At the initial onset, the process of filing for ...

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Aug 13, 2015 ... After you have opened an appropriate family law case, you will need to file a petition for custody of your child. The remainder of this article will ...

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Forms, Filing Fees. ... This is the self-help section for Child Custody and Visitation . ... This term is also often used to describe which parent the children will live ...



married, the mother has legal custody of the child and the father cannot take the child. REALITY: Without a court order for custody, each parent has an equal right  ...

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If you are married but live apart from you spouse (or want to live apart from your spouse), you can file for custody of your child and get support at the same time.

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Every child custody case begins with filing a petition and paying a filing fee with the local clerk of the court. Before you turn over money for a filing fee, make sure  ...

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How will a judge make decisions about child custody? Where can I file for child custody? (Which state has jurisdiction?) What are some pros and cons of starting  ...

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Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR). A parent or other authorized person can ask a court for child custody, visitation, child support and medical ...

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File a Complaint for Divorce if you want to divorce your spouse. You can ask ... You can ask the court for custody of your child and get support from your spouse.

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Nov 10, 2014 ... When you come to court about custody or visitation for your child, you may have a choice: whether to file a custody petition and have your case ...

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During divorce proceedings, either parent can file for legal or physical custody of their minor children. In seeking custody, the parent must file child custody forms ...