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Xbox 360 technical problems

A man has sued Microsoft claiming the Xbox 360 scratches game discs, saying the ... The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages and the free repair of any console  ...

4 Easy Ways to Fix a Scratched Xbox Game - wikiHow

How to Fix a Scratched Xbox Game. Xbox consoles use a laser to gather data from the surface of your Xbox game discs. If your disc is scratched, the laser is ... to Fix Scratches on Xbox Games?&v=SYhjizReq-A
Dec 13, 2012 ... Hey YouTubers! I'm not 100% sure but I think this will work for other types of CD's such as Play Station Games, Movies, and maybe even music ... to Fix Scratches on Xbox Games?&v=S2ZbQhLz0-c
Jul 23, 2013 ... Check out another fix here! https://www.youtu... ... he has a jtag xbox .... How to Fix The Perfect Circle Scratch on Xbox 360 Games - Duration: ...

Is there a home-made way to repair scratched disks? - Xbox 360 ...

klokked answered: If they're only light scratches, these methods will probably work: ... When my Xbox was messed up, it was scratching our games really bad.

how to fix a scratched disc - Xbox Association - GameSpot

... like a frisbee across the room. Well it got scratched and freezes at around 6 or 7 seconds into every game. Is there any way to fix this w/out buying a new one?

How to Fix a "perfect circle" scratch on an Xbox 360 game « Xbox 360

Apr 22, 2010 ... There's nothing that can ruin a perfectly good time quite like the dreaded "perfect circle" scratch which certain Microsoft Xbox 360 consoles can ...

Remove Scratches From Any Xbox 360 Game « Wonder How To

How to Remove scratches from an XBox game with toothpaste Did you know you can fix a damaged disc with toothpaste? Well, you can! In this video, discover ...

Xbox 360 Game Replacement | Microsoft Game Disc ... - Xbox Support

You can replace a damaged out-of-warranty Microsoft game disc under the terms ... Repair · Post on the Community Support Forums · Chat with a volunteer from ...

How To Fix A Scratched Xbox 360 Game (Xbox 360) - Videojug

Oct 4, 2010 ... Video : In this video, you will see a technique for repairing a game disc damaged by scratches. Who knew it could be so simple. Now, you no ...

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Q: How do you fix a scratched xbox game?
A: the old school cd buffers works! if only i still had one, it just takes a while to buff scratches out, but I dunno about devices now, i hadn't seen a good one l... Read More »
Q: How to fix a scratched xbox 360 game at home?
A: 1. Dampen a soft cloth with warm water. Grip your Xbox 360 game by the edges with the underside facing up. 2. Place the damp cloth on the center of the game dis... Read More »
Q: How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 game?
A: take it to a game store like gamers, gamestop something like that and have it rebuffered or whatever they call in but it costs like 2 or 3 bucks. Read More »
Q: How to fix a scratch xbox 360 game.?
A: If there are "Family Video" stores near you, most of them resurface discs for $2-3 per disc. If your 360 scratched it up in the big ring formation, you might be... Read More »
Q: How to Fix Circular Scratches on an Xbox 360 Game.
A: 1. Squeeze a two-inch length of toothpaste onto the data side (the side without artwork) of your Xbox 360 game disc. 2. Spread the toothpaste on your CD with a ... Read More »