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How to Focus Your Spiritual Energy | Gaiam Life


By following a few simple steps, you too can learn to focus your spiritual energy, practice spiritual energy healing and spiritual therapy, as well as live a full, ...

5 Ways to Tap Into Your Spiritual Energy Field - FinerMinds


Apr 29, 2013 ... Therefore, to effectively harness spiritual energy, your vibration must be raised ... His focus is to aid light-workers, women and influencers in ...

The 4 Elements of Physical Energy and How to Master Them


Mar 26, 2013 ... Your mental energy – how well can you focus on something? Your spiritual energy – why are you doing all of this? What is your purpose?

Spiritual Energy - The New Enlightenment


We live in a universe of spiritual, psychic, and physical energy by virtue of .... It's clear from their outward eye-energy focus that they're "out there" looking .... Spiritual combat redirects your opponent's energy instead of meeting force with force.

10 Ways to Tap Into Your Inner Spiritual Power - WOFS.com


The special energy unleashed will also work at dispelling all negativities. ... Unlocking mental magic lies in your ability to focus your mind on a goal and to ...

Meditation to Connect with Divine Spiritual Energy - Llewellyn


Focus your attention on your feelings, and open up all of your senses to ... Allow yourself to sense and feel everything about the Spirit Energies around you, and ...

How to Strengthen and Protect Your Spiritual Magnetism - Ananda ...


How to Strengthen and Protect Your Spiritual Magnetism. By Swami ... For your energy increases only if you raise your vibrations, never if you lower them.) .... Focus on the following to awaken Kundalini naturally and safely. Love God.

Spiritual Energy - Inner Peace


Your awareness of the very subtle spiritual energy can only exist in a mind that is ... When you focus your attention on your breathing this brings you into the ...

Controlling Your Energy - Pagan Wisdom - pagan, wicca / wiccan ...


This discusses various techniques for managing your personal energy and ... to control your energy levels, as well as your mental, emotional and spiritual states. ... Anything to engage their rational mind and get it to focus on something other ...

Working with Spiritual Energy - Personal Tao


A shaman holds spiritual energy as a relationship between life, spirit and primal ... Instead we focus in upon spirit, upon intention and the context with which the spirit ... When you work with a shamanic perspective you have to roll to where your ...

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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Energy - Psychics Universe


Oct 2, 2012 ... By focusing on your spiritual energy you can increase your positive vibrations and that will enhance your whole being! Here are five simple ...

5 Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness : Waking Times


Sep 15, 2014 ... Your soul is an energy entity that holds part of your awareness and memories ... but you are also making it easier for you to focus your thoughts.

Energy Manipulation - Unlock your spiritual energy:


Here are a couple of steps to help your control your spiritual energy. ... KI WAVE: Focus the ki to your hands and gently push you hands foreward and feel the ki ...