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Cut off physical contact. You cannot forget someone if you still see him or her all the time, or constantly hear about his or her activities. Consider these strategies:.

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How to forget someone fast. It takes me one week at most to forget about someone I used to love even if the relationship lasted for a long period of time.

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Breaking up with someone you truly loved will remain one of your most significant life experiences. The process of forgetting someone you loved can break you.

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Some people find it hard to forget someone with whom they were quite intimate, no matter how hard they try. If you are one of such people who wish to learn how  ...

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Oct 28, 2016 ... I wanted to forget him as soon as I can (if only it can happen the next ..... Just got hurt by someone i loved so much.and i just couldn't forget him.

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How To Forget Someone. Memories can be like black holes: deep and mysterious. To forget someone you've to go past memories. People go through ups and ...

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It can be doubly annoying if that something is thoughts about someone you hate. Wouldn't it be better if you could forget that person, and so free yourself from ...

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Jan 27, 2013 ... Stare at the parts of your body that the person you are trying to forget loved. Start rubbing your birthmark until the sharpie begins to fade. Have a ...

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How would you forget someone you love? Would you continue to dwell in the past memories and ruin your health through thinking or crying for the rest of your  ...

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Aug 30, 2015 ... If you want to forget someone you love, I'm sorry you will never fully forget. You heart might stop yearning and your dreams no longer be ...