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If your lungs get too irritated from the heat/chemicals from a big hoot and you ... You get all the THC you're going to get out of a hit after 3-4 seconds. ... is what keeps you from getting high on tiny amounts of very ordinary weed.

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Also I realize MAry affects everyone different but for the most part its all the same. ... A good Vaporizer will get you higher with the same weed. ... 1 hit gets me as high as if i smoked a joint or out of a bowl out of a straight pipe.

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May 25, 2015 ... How to get the Highest: Best Way to Smoke Weed! ... Great saving weed and it will blow your head off or at least my homemade one saves ..

The 3 Levels of Getting High on Marijuana | What is Getting High


... High on Marijuana. The 3 levels of getting high on Cannabis. What we feel like getting high on weed. ... Ask Granny your marijuana questions for real answers.

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Apr 27, 2016 ... Learn How To Get Higher Off Your Marijuana. ... to have to ingest more THC to achieve the same level of 'High' that you are accustomed too.

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Jul 28, 2011 ... One of the most frequently asked questions that I get is 'what is the best way ... probably gets me the highest out of any of the smoking methods.

Best Way To Smoke Weed: 16 Ways To Burn Down


Oct 5, 2015 ... An apple is the thing you smoked out of in high school when you ... is one of the best ways to smoke weed because it can get you really high, ...

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In my observations, weed effects people differently. I've known people where the only thing that happened to them is they get very tired or paranoid. ... However, eating "brings you down"- your high tapers off more quickly than if you do not eat.

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... tobacco smoker? Don't hold it in for too long, that's worse for your lungs and you're not get. ... Being high off weed while working out: why does it feel so good ?

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Apr 17, 2013 ... We had a list of the 10 Best Ways To Smoke Your Weed. ... I've taken a gravity bong out of a big orange cone from a pool but never anything like this. No way you're ... It's still healthier than a joint and does get you really high.

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Oct 22, 2013 ... It will really enhance dinners and cut down on gluttonous snacking habits. ... And you might actually make it out of your house to do things this time. ... Tagged: weed, getting high, stoner experience, stoners, tips, weed hacks.

37 Ways To Get High On Weed That Didn't Even Exist 10 Years Ago


Jan 18, 2015 ... 37 Ways To Get High On Weed That Didn't Even Exist 10 Years Ago. You're Going To ... 20 Times 'Golden Girls' Fashion Went Too Damn Far.

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I get high as fuck off 1 bowl (albeit my bowls are now approx .2-.5), as that like every other drug is essentially how you get the 'highest', taking ...