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How to Hunt Elk
Elk are huge animals found chiefly in the northwestern part of the United States. You will require a rifle, patience, stamina and strength to successfully hunt elk.... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Modern Tactics for Hunting Elk | Field & Stream

These days I do a lot of my elk hunting in open terrain far from the mountain-tops that most hunters think of as elk country. Elk used to be animals of the prairies ...

11 Mistakes Elk Hunters Make ... And How to Avoid Them | Outdoor ...

Aug 11, 2014 ... 7) Mistake: The wilderness pack trip has come to define “pure” elk hunting. But odds at a shot can improve on forest fringe near agriculture, ...

Elk Hunting 101 | Outdoor Life

"You gotta suffer if you're going to hunt elk right," the veteran outfitter told me 30 years ago. I believed him then, and I believe him now, although over the years ...

Elk Hunting 101 - Hungry for Hunting

That's why we've created this elk hunting section -- to help you learn as much as you can about elk and the most effective ways to hunt them. to Hunt Elk?&v=lBfvJ6bUuFI
Jul 18, 2013 ... There is a lot involved in getting ready for a successful elk hunt. In this video NSSF's Chris Dolnack shares what he learned from industry ...

Elk Hunting - Find & Plan your Elk Hunts & Trips

Elk Hunting - The hunter's best resource for everything and anything related to hunting elk. Be successful on your next elk hunt!

Common Elk Hunting Mistakes | Hunter's Specialties

I'm an archery hunter, and nine times out of 10, I'll be hunting elk with a bow. When I set up, I want a downed tree to the side of me and a bush in front of me.

6 Elk Hunting Techniques for Rifle Season That Will Put Meat in ...

Oct 16, 2014 ... Don't miss out on filling your elk tag this season. Know where to find the elk and how to hunt them by using these top six elk hunting techniques.

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Q: How to Hunt Elk.
A: 1. Wear camouflage clothing where it is legal to do so. This will break up your outline and make it more difficult for the elk to see you. 2. Bathe with unscent... Read More »
Q: How to Hunt Elk
A: Prepare with a regimen of physical conditioning. Elk hunting requires stamina. You want to be trained so that when it is time to shoot your fatigue doesn't get ... Read More »
Q: How to Hunt Elk
A: 1 Pick the area you wish to hunt in and research the license application process in that state. States that issue a limited number of elk hunting licenses, requ... Read More »
Q: How do you hunt for elk?
A: For the younger hunters in good shape, we will spot and stalk. For the older hunters, we will spot and stalk but also slow down and sit and rest as you might r... Read More »
Q: How to hunt cow elk?
A: The best thing to do is go out pre-season and observe the elk as to their whereabouts, feeding and watering habits, terrain preference etc. and keep in mind tha... Read More »