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How to Get Rid of a Chest Cold
Chest colds, which are also known as bronchitis, are viral infections that affect the lungs. Symptoms of a chest cold include mucus congestion, chest pain, wheezing and fatigue. Whereas anyone can develop a chest cold, this infection is common in people... More »
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Cold and flu season brings on hacking coughs that can leave your chest aching. But allergies, asthma, acid reflux, dry air, smoking, and even some medications ...

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Bronchitis -- sometimes referred to as a chest cold ... in your lungs are inflamed and make too much mucus.

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Oct 25, 2015 ... One day you're fine. The next you have a scratchy throat, watery eyes, and a runny nose. There's a tickle in the back of your throat, and your ...

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Sep 4, 2013 ... Cough is the natural method through which the body tries to get rid of the ... remedies for chest congestion removal if the problem is due to cold.

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This wikiHow will show you various ways in which to clear chest congestion. ... Used at the first sign of a cold such as sneezing or a fever, this oral spray can ...

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Use these natural remedies to get rid of your cold fast without having to use nasty .... This is very helpful if you have a lot of congestion, particularly in the chest.

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4 days ago ... Common cold; Respiratory infections; Heart diseases; Viral infection ... To get rid of mucus-forming bacteria in the respiratory system, lemons ...

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How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion: Best Home Remedies ... of different ailments ranging from the common cold to more serious issues such as heart disease.