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4 Ways to Loosen a Tooth - wikiHow

How to Loosen a Tooth. A loose tooth can be very exciting for a child--particularly if she believes in the Tooth Fairy. However, sometimes a loose tooth needs a ...

How to Make a Loose Tooth Fall Out Without Pulling It: 13 Steps

To loosen your tooth gradually, try chewing bubble gum throughout the day. Since bubble gum is sticky and requires non-stop chewing, it's an excellent way to ...

How to Pull out a Loose Tooth: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Pull out a Loose Tooth. Loose teeth in kids are perfectly normal, if somewhat irritating, part of growing up. Teeth can be hard to pull out. It takes time . to Loosen a Tooth?&v=xaZyMvodjXM
Mar 25, 2013 ... My father in a law made me to pool his tooth :) he was bagging me for a couple days to do it, and finally I did !!! Tell me how I did???

How to Remove Your Kid's Loose Tooth Painlessly - HowStuffWorks

Around the age of 6, they start to fall out to make way for permanent adult teeth. Sometimes kids lose baby teeth too early due to decay or some other reason, but  ...

How to loosen your teeth - My life under the bus

Oct 17, 2009 ... Ok so say your trying to loosen those annoying hangy teeth. I tell you what's worked for us ; 1. Tie a piece of floss around your tooth.

How to Remove Baby Teeth Painlessly | LIVESTRONG.COM

Feb 2, 2014 ... Suggest some independent ways your child can loosen a tooth and encourage it to fall out. Brushing teeth several times a day can be an ...

Go Mama: 15 Ways to Lose A Tooth

Apr 15, 2008 ... 15 Ways to Lose A Tooth. By Miss S & GoMama (in no particular order). Pull it really hard with your fingers; Push it from behind with your tongue ...

Losing baby teeth: What to expect and when | BabyCenter

If your child begins to lose teeth before 4, you should consult a dentist to make sure there's no underlying disease. It's also possible for a child to reach 7 or 8 ...

How to Extract a Tooth | Medical Preparedness | Doom and Bloom ...

Oct 3, 2012 ... These ligaments must be severed to loosen the tooth with an elevator, which looks like a small chisel. Go between the tooth in question and the ...

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Q: How can you loosen a tooth?
A: push everyday with a popsicle stick. it might hurt a little bit, but it helps a lot. that was my dentist's suggestion when i was trying to loose my baby teeth w... Read More »
Q: How to Loosen a Tooth at Home.
A: 1. Encourage your child to wiggle the tooth. Teeth loosen gradually, and trying to pull a tooth prematurely can be painful. For this reason, parents should not ... Read More »
Q: How to loosen a tooth?
A: The best way is to wiggle it with your fingers, or use dental floss (push it under the tooth and pull up) Hope this helps! Read More »
Q: How do you fix loosened tooth?
A: you can't. Read More »
Q: How do you loosen or pull a baby tooth?
A: first take a tissue and dry the tooth first then grab the tooth and wiggle. if its ready to come out then it will but if its not then it wont. Read More »