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To safely lose weight in one week, eat healthier foods, change your eating habits and do one hour of strength training or cardio exercises every day. Burning 500 calories more than...

You can lose weight by burning more calories than you take in, which can be accomplished safely by implementing diet and exercise goals.
Ask your doctor about what sensible weight loss goals are right for you. These goals may include exercising for 30 minutes a day, and eating nutrient-rich foods that are low in fat and sugar.

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Q: How to lose weight in one week ?
A: Rule #1: Avoid “white” carbohydrates Avoid any carbohydrate that is — or can be — white. The following foods are thus prohibited, except for within 1.5 hours of... Read More »
Q: How to lose weight in one week?
A: Alriiight welll, 3 weeks a go i weighed about 120 and i really wished i could weigh 100 sooooo i went online and looked up how i could lose it in 2 weeks... 1.5... Read More »
Q: How to lose weight in one week
A: Experts say a balanced diet with a 500 kcal energy deficit/day is the healthiest way to lose weight! Ask us! Read More »
Q: How do you lose weight in one week?
A: Diet and excersise and remember great results wont come instantly to you you have to keep going and not give up after 1 week because you didn't lose 20 kg Read More »
Q: How can you lose weight in one week?
A: Start walking. Cardio walking is excellent for fat burning when done correctly. For more information about how to do cardio walking to lose weight correctly , s... Read More »