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Knock-Out Drops - How to make Cloral Hydrate (Knock ... - Bombshock


... to produce and formulate Cloral Hydrate commonly known as Knock Out Drops without much difficulty. ... You Are Here: Home » How to Make Weapons » Sprays Gasses and Poisons » Knock-Out Drops ... Homemade Bombs & Explosives.

Mickey Finn knockout drups - It's Chloral hydrate - Sleepdex


The Mickey Finn or "knockout drops" ended up being a mixture of chloral hydrate and alcohol, which are both depressants. Chloral hydrate is a sedative and ...

Sciencemadness Discussion Board - How do I make Chloroform ...


Please give me information on how to make homemade (trichloromethane) ... It has 2 different methods to chloroform as long as 2 other knock out ..... Too much movie myths make people think one drop will knock out an ...

Drugged Drinking: Household Items Are Being Used In Drinks ...


Nov 3, 2014 ... Sexual assault can begin when a drug is slipped into a drink. It's just that fast.

Homemade Sleep Remedies That Will Knock You Out | LEAFtv


Homemade Sleep Remedies That Will Knock You Out ... Place a few drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball and store it in an old pill bottle, then take a few deep whiffs before lying down to sleep; ... How to Make a Hand Spa Treatment.

Knockout drops - Symptoms and effects - Maneo


Knockout drops have different effects depending on the substances used, the physical constitution of the victim and if there has been any prior consumption of  ...

snopes.com: Visine knock-out drops


The plot involved a waittress who added visine drops to the drink of a ... it's actually Visine in the bottle and she's trying to make him crap his ...

Knockout drops - definition of knockout drops by The Free Dictionary

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Define knockout drops. knockout drops synonyms, knockout drops ... a drug, esp. chloral hydrate, put in a drink secretly to make the drinker unconscious.

Roofies, The Date Rape Nightmare :: WRAL.com


Oct 25, 1998 ... ... as innocent as an aspirin, but it packs the power of a knockout punch. ... Drop just one pill in a woman's drink, and she's out for the count. ... A homemade chemical called GHB cannot be detected at all, and the ... Connor hopes other women will take her advice and make themselves less likely targets.

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How to make a harmless knockout gas, liquid, powder, etc. which ...


Well, seriously just use choloroform which can be bought from the market. And if can't buy then ... How do I make a homemade knockout liquid? Is there such ...

Best chemical agent to knock someone out? - Absolute Write


Apr 8, 2011 ... Honestly, and I hate saying this, but it would be so easy to steal .... I read somewhere about chloral hydrate, "knockout drops"--the stuff people ...

Visine and alcohol-rape drug? - Google Groups


Aug 4, 1999 ... if you put Visine into the drink of an obnoxious patron it would make them .... eye drops used as a knock-out drop in a drink are not the common