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A dog whistle is a type of whistle that emits sound in the ultrasonic range, which people cannot ... In addition to lung-powered whistles, there are also electronic dog whistle devices that emit ultrasonic sound via piezoelectric emitters.


Need electronic dog whistle? It is widely known that dogs can hear sounds with frequencies higher than the humans cant hear. Sound frequencies higher than.


A dog whistle however is a rather low tech approach, therefore I decided to make an electronic whistle. The first step was purchasing some ...

Apr 16, 2013 ... http://mrc.fm/audition Get Adobe Audition - support these tutorials. http://mrc.fm/ learn Learn Adobe Audition - take my full course! How to make a ...


First Experimental "High Power Electronic Dog Whistle" Built and Operational .... So I'm going to experiment with a single driver to see how loud I can make it.


want to make a thing that will let me create a tone from 20 to 50k sort of an electronic dog whistle dont know if any speaker exists that would go ...


Oct 12, 2010 ... Just imagine the possibilities - you could make your pet think twice before barking again in the middle of the night or even subdue hostile dogs ...


Feb 7, 2009 ... Do a Google search for: dog repellent electronic circuit ... I built this ultrasonic whistle to train my dog but I discovered it makes him go away with ...


Mar 17, 2014 ... This dog repellent ultrasonic circuit will chase away angry dogs. ... a continuous series of pulses, but you can also use the 555 to make a one-shot or monostable circuit. ... Unless it's just meant as a whistle for your own dog?


Use an electronic dog whistle to produce an ultrasonic noise between 11 and ... Make sure to remove the insulation of the wire so that you are soldering metal to  ...