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Eight-ball is a [[Pool (cue sports)|poolgame popular in much of the world, and the .... If the shooter who breaks fails to make a legal break (usually defined as at least four balls hitting cushions...

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Aug 8, 2011 ... http://www.SelectBilliards.com - Find your perfect pool cue with my help! Making the 8 Ball on a break is no easy feat. It's a bit of a luck shot.
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Apr 6, 2014 ... HOW TO MAKE THE 8 BALL ON THE BREAK. chalkisfree ... Coach demonstrates how he makes the 8 on the break. Coach would like to thank:
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Oct 2, 2012 ... Here is my favorite break for dropping the 8 ball....it will drop at least one ball about 85% of the time and very often drop the 8 ball.....as can be ...

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May 4, 2011 ... One of the most impressive things to do is to sink the eight ball on the break. This not only wins the game but it looks really cool! There are a few ...

How to Sink the 8 Ball on the Break: 10 Steps


... on the Break. Sinking the 8-ball on the break requires a skilled, practiced shot. ... within the rack. Make sure the rack is tight--the balls should be close together.

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This shot needs a lot of practice, but will spread the balls nicely, and you might make the 8-ball in the side on the break. Scratching in the corner is probable if the ...

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Yes. It is possible to sink the eight ball on the break. This requires a ball (typically the cue ball) ... This should increase your odds of making an eight ball break by 10x. From 1/100 on a 7 foot bar box to 1/10. Similarly on a pro table from 1/200 to  ...

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Learn the rules for playing and scoring the pool game called Eight Ball. ... If you fail to make a legal break (no ball is pocketed), then your opponent may decide ...

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Under American Poolplayer Association rules, if the shot is otherwise legal, the breaker has .... In case your short question was to ask "what happens if I make the 8 ball on the break" that is a different question. Here, even the professional rules ...

How to Make the Eight Ball On the Break
There is no harder shot to make in pool than the 8-ball break. This is the term for when you sink the 8-ball on a break, causing you to win the game automatically. Because it is an instant win (and is just generally impressive), many have tried and... More »
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