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Flying High: Ex narc teaches how to sneak marijuana through airports


Aug 28, 2012 ... The safest way to sneak marijuana through an airport is to place a ... How To Sneak Drugs Through Airport Security | Information 1 week ago.

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane - Green Rush Daily


Feb 18, 2016 ... You've got to figure out how to sneak that green through security so you ... flight— just in case you find yourself in a run-in with airport security.

How To Sneak Weed Onto An Airplane - Flying with Pot - Thrillist


Mar 5, 2015 ... How To Sneak Pot Onto An Airplane ... The TSA only really rifles through what the passengers have access to so ... Airport security is primarily interested in passengers carrying weapons and bombs, not small quantities of pot.

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Jan 31, 2014 ... It is easier to get past the TSA with weed than with water ... Airport drug smuggling: Border security bust man sneaking cocaine under his crotch ...

How to Bring Drugs on an Airplane - Flygirl - Jezebel


May 21, 2015 ... In my case, we're overwhelmingly in a weed scenario—but this post will ... that “ TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other drugs. ... pot out of the Denver airport since weed was legalized in the state, only ... With the carry-on tactic, all you have to make it through is the X-ray, which is just fi...

My method of bringing weed through airports | Marijuana Forums


Mar 28, 2011 ... Hey everyone, I know their are a few threads that are VERY OLD on here about the topic of bringing weed through an airport, on luggage, etc.

Flying With Recreational Or Medical Marijuana - The Weed Blog


I went through the security check and didn't have any issues. ... Denver's airport for instance has a law specifically against flying with marijuana, but they also ...

How I Smuggled Weed On A Plane: One Woman's Journey Through ...


Nov 15, 2011 ... I decided that the troglodytes at airport security had to be pretty fucking sure I was carrying ... We're talking about smuggling drugs on a plane, so back to our heroine as she ... Have you successfully gotten weed through TSA?

Bringing weed through airport security? | Grasscity Forums


Mar 12, 2011 ... Problem is, most airports now dont just use metal detectors and x-rays, they have this new thing you gotta walk through at security that can see ...

10 things the TSA isn't telling you | New York Post


Jun 11, 2015 ... And this isn't the first security test TSA agents have failed: In 2013, they let an ... warning notes for passengers carrying marijuana, rather than turning them in, ... suspected of smuggling drugs through an airport, says Feinstein.

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Sneaking Weed On A Plane Is Easy - 2016 - OaklandMofo.com


Aug 2, 2016 ... This content is just for those who would rather just sneak the marijuana on the airplane instead of going through the hassle of an airport security ...

Smuggling weed through airport security. Is it possible? Is it worth it ...


Jul 13, 2014 ... I had a little smell proof pen looking thing that I stuffed a dub into and hid in my ass. I say "had" because I chickened out and ripped it out...

Flying With Your Stash: What You Need to Know - Merry Jane


Mar 11, 2016 ... Here are some tips on getting your weed past airport security: ... options include bringing an oil pen or, the most inconspicuous of all, edibles.