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How to Solve Equations With Fractions
Fractions can be tricky, especially when they involve algebra. But if you know the right tactics, you can turn a tricky problem into one that is easy to solve. You can turn fractional problems into normal algebraic expressions through a couple of steps.... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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Sal solves the equation (3/4)x + 2 = (3/8)x - 4. ... Another way to solve this "quickly " is this: 3/4x+2=3/8x-4, what number you need to multiply 3/4x for so ...


How to solve equations with fractions. How to clear an equation of fractions.


This prealgebra lesson explains how to solve equations that have fractions and decimals in them.

Mar 31, 2010 ... This video will show you that solving equations with fractions is very similar to solving equations with integers.


Solving without writing anything down is difficult! That's because this equation contains not just a variable but also fractions and terms inside parentheses. This is ...


I know fractions are difficult, but with these easy step-by step instructions you'll be solving equations with fractions in no time.


Enter an equation along with the variable you wish to solve it for and click the .... the above property to produce equivalent equations that are free of fractions.


The two fractions will be equal when their numerators are equal, so I can "equate " the numerators (that is, I can set them equal) and solve the resulting equation:.