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How to Stay Positive: 11 Smart Habits - The Positivity Blog


Apr 9, 2014 ... To be able to stay positive it is essential to have influences in your life that support you and lift you up instead of dragging you down.

How to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive - Entrepreneur


Feb 7, 2013 ... Try these three tips to help you train your brain to stay positive ... Thinking about the good in your life can help balance that bias, giving your ...

5 Tips to Stay Positive in Negative Situations - Lifehack


Practicing the power of positive thinking helps one stay positive in bad times. Here are 5 ... Haven't you heard that “the only constant in life is change”? There is a ...

Train Yourself to Be More Positive in 5 Steps - Tiny Buddha


When I decided to make the change to live a more positive life, I had to rid my life ... Lori's Note: Dani just launched her first book, Stay Positive: Daily Reminders ...

10 Ways To Stay Positive In A Negative World - The Best Brain ...


By taking control of my mind and thoughts, I ditched the drugs, turned my life around, and have managed to stay calm, positive, and happy for years. While I'm  ...

Stay Positive | Psychology Today


Apr 8, 2013 ... Not to mention, life just seems easier and more enjoyable when we are in a good mood. So how do we manage to stay positive, even when life ...

25 Easy Ways To Wake Up, Feel Awesome, And Stay Positive.


Here are 25 ways to wake up positive and stay happy, stress free, and ... Resist the negative and shift focus to what is positive about your day and your life.

10 Affirmations To Stay Positive When Life Is Not Going According ...


May 30, 2014 ... How come it seems like some people have no problems at all, and you're stuck under a constant avalanche?

9 Simple Habits to Stay Positive in Life - Personal Excellence


9 Simple Habits to Stay Positive in Life. This is a guest post by Henrik Edberg of The Positivity Blog. Think positive. “Nobody can go back and start a new ...

How (And Why) To Stay Positive - Forbes


Aug 8, 2013 ... It's hard to find the motivation to focus on the positive when positivity seems ... you with a soured view of reality that wreaks havoc in your life.

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Stay Positive | Mental Health America


HOW STAYING POSITIVE HELPS It's likely our species survived because of our knack for ... Trying to be optimistic doesn't mean ignoring the uglier sides of life.

3 Ways to Stay Positive when You Know Your Life Sucks - wikiHow


Oct 28, 2015 ... How to Stay Positive when You Know Your Life Sucks. A number of situations can arise throughout a lifetime that may cause a person to feel ...

How To Stay Positive (Even When Struggling With Depression)


How To Stay Positive (Even When You're Struggling With Depression). By Ashley Trexler. Optimism ... Let's talk about seven useful ways to live life positively: ...