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How to Straighten African American Hair
Most African American hair is known to be tightly coiled. However, African American hair is versatile enough to be worn either curly or straight. Nonetheless, in order to straighten African American hair, there are many techniques that can be used.... More »
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Afro-textured hair

Afro-textured hair is a term used to refer to the natural hair texture of certain ..... a significant percentage of African-American women still straighten their hair with ... to Straighten African American Hair?&v=OwEzNDS5j-I
Feb 9, 2014 ... How I straighten my natural hair! MY WASH DAY ROUTINE - -PRODUCTS USED- Aphogee Keratin Green Tea ... to Straighten African American Hair?&v=IuycMj1WUZA
Oct 29, 2013 ... AMBER COBRA HOPSON straightens African American hair. 15125 Ventura Blvd 101 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Call now at (818) 203-7441 ...

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How to Straighten African American Hair. If you're tired of your current style and ready to switch to a straight, sleek look, you've got a lot of different options to ...

How To Straighten Thick Natural Black Hair Without Heat Damage

Feb 14, 2010 ... Don't compromise your curls for the sake of the style! This article provides a method of straightening natural black hair with a flat iron while ...

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Oct 27, 2011 ... The primary downside is that your hair may not look and feel natural. 5. Brazilian Hair straightening. This method is the hottest new hair styling ...

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Nov 27, 2012 ... In the past ten years, I can remember having my hair blown straight exactly once. It was in Trinidad at my mom's hairstylist. He said he needed ...

How to Straighten Natural Curly Hair Without Heat - Black Hair

You can straighten natural hair without chemicals or heat. Find out how to get a straight look in the gentlest ways possible.

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Q: How to Straighten African American Hair
A: 1 Pick out a good cream. Silicone creams and other hairdressing products are made with oils like petroleum and lanolin or silicons like dimethicone or cyclometh... Read More »
Q: How to Straighten African-American Hair
A: Did you know that you don't have to have a relaxer to straighten your hair? Your hair, natural and free from chemicals, can be bone straight. It doesn't matter ... Read More »
Q: How to Straighten African American Hair With a Flat Iron.
A: 1. Plug the flattening iron in and allow it to heat up. African American hair requires that you use an iron with a temperature setting of at least 380 degrees F... Read More »
Q: How to straighten african american hair and make it silky
A: Not Medical Advice: You may use a deep conditioning treatment to have a soft and silky hair. To get rid of Frizzy Hair: 1.Learn to like your curls. 2.Keep-MORE? Read More »
Q: How to straighten African American hair without heat?
A: a blowdryer with a comb attachment , or blow drying using a denman brush . but if natural it still might not be as smooth as you want it . you can also try doin... Read More »