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Urban Dictionary: Ghetto Talk Talk

Ghetto Talk. The language of 90% of urban dictionary users. "Oh nigga, I just gae dat guh da nastiest case o' hupes eva at da partay down in da ghetto of ATL! to Talk Ghetto?&v=UF1TkTq8WAY
Jul 26, 2012 ... a translation video that exhibits the "Ghetto Language" line by line. ... of other races talking and acting ghetto and some times there not black ...

English to Ghetto Ebonics Translator

Convert english to ghetto-speak with our famous ebonics translator! Is it the ... If you've got a couple of minutes, please watch this important TED talk by Bryan ...

Ghetto Talk 101™ (@GhettoTalk101) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Ghetto Talk 101™ (@GhettoTalk101). What up, it's yo boi Tyrone and i'm finna teach ya'll a little bit of ghetto. Study my tweets!

ghetto slang - Mr. Wiggles

Ghetto term for money makers in the hood, be it by legal or illegal activities. .... 2- A person who has nothing to sho for him or herself, and still like s to talk sh&t.

Talk:ghetto - Wiktionary

Ghetto is also the term for "talking black". I think nowadays, the word ghetto is closely related to urban, poor, blacks, etc. Here are some examples from Urban ...


Just how ghetto are you? Do you live in a run-down area? Do you talk in ghetto slang? Do you swear a lot? You'll find out if you're Very Ghetto, Kinda Ghetto, ...

HowTo:Act Ghetto - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

It takes more then fried chicken and a bad dentist to act ghetto. ... If you want to be a ganster wear your pants at the right level with a belt,talk normally, walk ...

Puppet Pal Friends Talk So Ghetto - Anthony Smith Jr, Artist

... Orange Paper Sketches · Card Sketches · Struts and Flags · Old Lady Sketches · Celtic Tiles · Your Fear Of · Contact · Links. Puppet Pal Friends Talk So Ghetto.

Talk Ghetto app - Android Apps on Google Play

The new app Talk Ghetto helps you understand Ghetto talk by translating ghetto to English... This app is fun to play and will be enjoyed by all. download and ...

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Q: How do you talk ghetto?
A: if your not from a deprived area please do not attempt to talk like that. Read More »
Q: How can I talk ghetto?
A: You should try the Ebonics translator! I posted the link below! Thanks for using ChaCha! Read More »
Q: How do I talk ghetto?
A: The easiest way to learn any language is to submerge yourself in the go to the ghetto and learn to survive. Hope this helps. Read More »
Q: How to talk GHETTO?
A: yo im glad u axed dis question cuz i be wonderin the same im like someone get in m biz and teach me some slang. Read More »
Q: How does one talk ghetto?
A: talk funny and do not speck the whole word.... and put a little slang on it Read More »