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How to Teach an Adult to Spell
“I’m not a good speller” is a sentence many adults utter as they seek help when writing business letters or reports for work. The inability to spell does not appear to be an indication of intelligence, either. Rather, some... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Adult Literacy Spelling - Approaches to Teaching Spelling

With our Adult Literacy Spelling training we can show you the best approaches to teaching spelling. Try different approaches when teaching students!

Teaching Spelling for Older Students & Adults

Teaching Spelling for Older Students & Adults. Individuals who experience difficulties with spelling may struggle to accurately represent all the precise sounds ...

English spelling course for adult learners - Spellzone

This course helps adults to learn English spelling rules with interactive ... you - not just by giving you lists of words, but by teaching you how to learn them.

How to Spell - Spelling for Adults | How to Spell

You get angry with yourself for not being able to spell that perfect word that .... I am a SfL teacher teaching in Adult Ed (publicly funded) and would like to use ...

Information for those involved in Adult Training - Spellzone

The course is also used in many Adult Education Centres in the private and ... Previous experience in teaching spelling is not needed; all teaching points are ...

Publications for Making Sense of Decoding and Spelling: An Adult ...

Making Sense of Decoding and Spelling: An Adult Reading Course of Study is an evidence-based course of study designed to teach adult learners to decode ...

Practice My Spelling - English Grammar Rules & Usage

Almost everyone struggles with spelling, but you can improve with these helpful tips ... for parents of children with spelling difficulties, adults who would like to spell ... who are looking for more effective ways to teach spelling in their classrooms.

Adult spelling program: Not just another computer game for children

A real adult learning tool for improving spelling, not just another educational computer ... This program takes a no nonsense approach to the teaching of spelling.

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Q: How to Teach an Adult to Spell.
A: Instructions. Teach spelling one word at a time. In this process, you look at a correct version of the word. Study it closely. Try to create a picture of the wo... Read More »
Q: How to Teach an Adult to Read.
A: Instructions. Earn the student's trust. Learning to read can be a difficult process for the adult student. As a result of feeling "behind" or somehow less intel... Read More »
Q: How to Teach Spelling With Scrabble
A: 1 Establish the rules of the game right off the bat. The most important rule you will want is whether you are going to allow any word from any dictionary or wor... Read More »
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A: The female tiger or tigress teaches her young to hunt. Read More »
Q: How to teach an adult to read?
A: Children and adults learn differently, in part, because children are learning words, alphabet, grammar, letters, all at once. Adults already know what a "word" ... Read More »