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Apr 22, 2010 ... Here is a pretty easy way to train your Bearded dragon using food. Using this method, your lizard will become used to your presence and also ...

Bearded Dragon Handling & Training |


Bearded Dragon Handling & Training. There are a few simple points with your Bearded Dragons care, and it all begins with whether you have the time to make a ...

How do you teach a bearded dragon to do tricks? | Reference.com


The key to teaching a bearded dragon tricks is repetition. Performing an action repeatedly and offering a treat at the end of training is the best way to teach a ...

How to Potty Train a Bearded Dragon | Cuteness.com


Bearded dragons are, by nature, fairly clean reptiles. They tend to relive themselves in one specific spot in the cage. Watch your bearded dragon over a period of ...

Bell Training - Bearded Dragon Lady.com


At Danny's Dragons I bell train all of our baby dragons. ... and helpful and if you have an emergency regarding your bearded dragon please speak to a reptile ...

Video: How to train your dragon: lizards taught to open doors ...


Sep 30, 2014 ... How to train your dragon: lizards taught to open doors ... than previously thought after a group of bearded dragons learned how to get through a ...

Taming and Handling Bearded Dragons by Mark Lee - the Main Site


The Bearded Dragon is enjoying tremendous popularity here in the United ... Remember : When you first purchase your Dragon and bring it home, don't be ...

How to Tame a Bearded Dragon - Bearded Dragon Care 101


Slowly move your hand into the enclosure and watch how it reacts. If the baby bearded dragon jumps, retreats, or cowers down, you may need to give it a little ...

Taming a bearded dragon


I read these posts of your dragons, how wonderful they are, how they like to climb on ... I got a bearded dragon because all the research I did showed me that the ... We learned this technique by watching a program about training cage birds ...

Fun Bearded Dragon Facts & Information


The chart below highlights different age ranges you can expect from your ... until your beardie is more developed (usually when they are 7-9 inches in length).

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How to Build Love With Your Bearded Dragon: 12 Steps


Sep 11, 2015 ... When you own a bearded dragon, it is natural to want to love your pet. ... Training your dragon to be held and calm can take a number of ...

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Bearded dragon lizards are popular pets, but being reptiles, they don't ... Beardies (How to Train Your Dragon) ... funny bearded dragon - Google Search.

Bearded Dragon Lizards Are Smarter Than You Might Think!


Oct 1, 2014 ... Bearded dragons are able to imitate other bearded dragons to open doors. ... Anyone who owns a bearded dragon knows that they are fairly smart reptiles. But did you know that they are smarter .... Add your comment: You are ...