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5 DIY Methods for Unclogging a Clogged Toilet Without a Plunger ...


Aug 4, 2014 ... How to Unblock a toilet with dish soap, hot water and no plunger · How to .... For more difficult clogs an auger is needed to unclog the toilet.

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Most clogs can be cleared with a good plunger or homemade drain cleaner. ... snake is a "closet auger" which is designed specifically to clear toilet clogs without ...

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Mar 14, 2009 ... ... teaches you how to unclog a toilet in 11 seconds with a simple plunger. ... be sure to check out "How To Unclog A Toilet With A Toilet Auger" here: ... them I was trying to figure how to get them out ..without getting in trouble...

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger or Snake | Home Guides ...


A plunger works great at loosening a clog, but soap and hot water work just as well. It's a terrible feeling when you flush the toilet and the contents in the bowl ...

Pour a regular-sized box of baking soda and up to a gallon of vinegar into the toilet bowl. Be sure to add the vinegar slowly because it will create a foaming action when it comes into contact with the baking soda. If the baking soda and vinegar trick doesn't take car... More »
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How To Unclog A Backed Up Toilet - When nothing else works ...


Mar 25, 2012 ... I tried a plunger, and auger, snake, and now I am trying a sulfuric acid chemical to unclog my toilet drain.

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If a dozen or so plunger thrusts don't resolve the clog, use a closet auger instead. .... How to Clear Blocked Toilets · How to Unblock a Toilet Without a Plunger ...

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Sep 3, 2009 ... This will make unclogging the toilet with the plunger much, much easier. The heat from the hot water can sometimes break up the clog without plunging, so this ... An auger is a cable-like device that you snake through the toilet ...

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Sep 12, 2010 ... Instead, use a flange plunger, which has a rubber sleeve that extends ... A closet auger, or toilet auger, works just like a standard drain snake but is ... to accommodate the sharp turns of a toilet trap without damaging the bowl ...

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No problem. ... However, most clogged toilets are slow drainers, that is, flush water partially fills the ... Photo 1 shows how a plunger fits over and seals the toilet drain. ... But the closet auger (Photo 4) is a special type designed to get around the ...

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Q: How to unclog a toilet without plungers or augers.
A: When your toilet is clogged, plungers and augers - also called pipe snakes - are the first tools to try. But if those methods fail, or you don't have a plunger ... Read More »
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Q: How to Unclog a Toilet Without Plungers or Augers.
A: 1. Break up a visible toilet-paper clog with your toilet cleaning brush or a bent coat hanger. If it doesn't budge, move to Step 2. 2. Dislodge the obstruction ... Read More »
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Q: How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger.
A: If you have ever found yourself with a clogged toilet and no plunger, you know what a nerve-wracking experience that can be. Luckily, there are a few things tha... Read More »
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Q: How to unclog a toilet without a plunger?
A: your problem with the plunger tells me you're pushing down too hard. Start over, push down about 2 or 3 inches, then let it come back up, and do it again. Do th... Read More »
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Q: How do I unclog a toilet without a plunger?
A: Take a wire hanger apart and use the hook end to fish out the blockage from the toilet. This isn't as effective as a plunger but it can clear up minor clogs tha... Read More »
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