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Mar 8, 1996 ... (1991), and Bolen et al. ... 327, which has been widely used for the detection of c- Src and v-Src. In ... clone 28 or mAb 327 (Lipsich et al., 1983; Oncogene Science Inc., OP-07L), ... biotinylated goat anti-mouse IgG (Organon Teknika), and then with ..... Cooper J. A.,; Howell B. .... Sci. U. S. A. 88, 10696–10700.


FAIRHOLME FUNDS, INC. et al v. USA, No. 1:2013cv00465 - Document 340 ( Fed. Cl. 2016) case opinion from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.


Nov 12 2013, Response to application from respondent Sandoz, Inc., et al. filed. Nov 13 2013, Reply of applicant Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., et al. filed.


Nov 19, 2011 ... In a longitudinal study of children with ADHD, Dalsgaard et al. ..... provided single consultations for Shionogi Pharma Inc. and Cipher Pharmaceuticals ... Noven, Neurosearch, Organon, Otsuka, Pfizer, Pharmacia, Phase V ... Mannuzza S, Klein RG, Truong NL, Moulton JL, 3rd, Roizen ER, Howell KH, et al.


Government contends a price reduction is the only discount exception to the Anti- Kickback Statute; PhRMA says this interpretation puts companies at risk of ...


Defendants: Organon USA., Inc., N.V. Organon Schering Corp., Merck & Co., Inc. ... A little over a year later, Merck & Co., Inc., NuvaRing's manufacturer, added a ...


Marie L. Foegh, MD, DSc, Satish Asotra, PhD, John V. Conte, MD,. Marcus Howell, MD, Elliott Kagan, MD, Kiran Verma, MS, and. Peter W. Rarnwell, PhD, ... Supported by a grant from the Henri Beaufour Institute-USA. ... by Coy et al.,I5 angiopeptin, is an octapeptide that ... vascular Systems, Inc., Temecula, Calif.). The in-.


Jun 15, 2000 ... Delmas et al.4, Double blind, Patients on chemotherapy, 13, Clodronate ... 10.1 %) and a similar reduction in nonvertebral fractures (6.8% vs.


John V. Conte ... Marcus Howell ... Georgetown University Medical Center, and Henri Beaufour Institute–USA, .... One such compound synthesized by Coy et al. ... solution containing 10,000 units/liter of heparin (Organon Inc., West Orange, ...


Marie L. Foegh, MD, DSc, Satish Asotra, PhD, Marcus H. Howell, MD, and. Peter W. ... gas et al.7 reported that estradiol inhibits thymidine uptake in ... (Organon Inc., West Orange, N.T.) at a pressure of. Foegh et ... (mg/gm tissue) as described by Lowery et alY The ..... Acad Sci USA ... Massidda B, Mascia V, Broccia G, et al.