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Treatment of Chronic Posttraumatic Leg Injury Using Autologous Fat ...


Dec 19, 2012 ... Firstly in 2001, Zuk et al. demonstrated the existence of adipose ... Caviggioli F, Vinci V, Salval A, Klinger M. Human adipose-derived stem cells: ...

Breast Fistula Repair after Autologous Fat Graft: A Case Report - NCBI


Jun 7, 2011 ... Caviggioli F, Vinci V, Salval A, Klinger M. Human adipose-derived stem cells: isolation, characterization ... Rigotti G, Marchi A, Galiè M, et al.

Combining Next-Generation Sequencing and Immune Assays: A ...


Sep 19, 2013 ... (2011) Exhaustive T-cell repertoire sequencing of human peripheral blood samples ... Gawad C, Pepin F, Carlton V, Klinger M, Logan AC, et al.

Naturalistic Decision Making


Human Systems IAC GATEWAY Volume XI: Number 3 http://iac.dtic.mil/hsiac ... David Klinger. Figure 1. Four-alarm .... Hammond et al. (1987). At one extreme ...

Novel SCN9A Mutations Underlying Extreme Pain Phenotypes ...


May 20, 2015 ... The importance of NaV1.7 (encoded by SCN9A) in the regulation of ... or lack of pain phenotypes, and SCN9A is one of the human genes we routinely screen. ..... are thought to be mostly C-fiber mediated (Klinger et al., 2012).

Relevance and safety of telomerase for human tissue engineering


Feb 21, 2006 ... senescence. Population doubling times for hTERT SMC were significantly slower than corresponding control SMC populations. Klinger et al.

subliminal words activate semantic categories - University of ...


Mark Klinger, Department of Psychology, University of Alabama. This research was ... robust and easily replicable (e.g., Dehaene et al., 1998; Draine & Greenwald, 1998; ... semantic classification task (e.g., animate vs. inanimate object; Damian, 2001).1 ..... Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 27 , 154-165.

GID Bibliography – GID


Cervelli, V., et al., Application of enhanced stromal vascular fraction and fat grafting mixed ... Klinger M, Caviggioli F, Klinger FM, Giannasi S, Bandi V, Banzatti B, ... tissue-derived stem cells with platelet-rich plasma into human articular joints”.

Cell Death and Disease - In vitro differentiation of germ cells from ...


Oct 15, 2015 ... From the first work by Hübner et al. in 2003, showing that oocyte-like cells .... Similarly, EG cells were derived from human PGCs. ..... PubMed |; De Felici M, Scaldaferri ML, Lobascio M, Iona S, Nazzicone V, Klinger FG et al.

Molecular Biology and Evolution Advance Access (date view)


Richard G. Dorrell,; Christen M. Klinger,; Robert J. Newby,; Erin R. Butterfield, ..... Ancestors During the Evolution of the Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus 16 Mol ... Mijuan Shi,; Ronni V. Park,; Robert D. Magie,; Hsiu-Ching Ma,; Xiao-Qin Xia, ...

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Barriers to home-based exercise program adherence with chronic ...


Apr 1, 2016 ... Palazzo C(1), Klinger E(2), Dorner V(3), Kadri A(4), Thierry O(3), ... (1)Service de rééducation et réadaptation de l'appareil locomoteur et ... are not a substitute for the human relationship between patients and care providers.

Two invaders achieve higher densities in reserves - Department of ...


Jan 30, 2006 ... differential rates of human harvest do not appear to be responsible for the ... * Correspondence to: T. Klinger, School of Marine Affairs, University of ... and spatial scale have led to conflicting results in experimental versus ... reserves are not immune to biological invasion (Lawson et al., 2004; Byers, 2005).

Culturally Responsive Differentiated Instructional ... - NYU Steinhardt


inappropriate (Klinger, Artiles, et. al. 2005). Klingner, Artiles, et.al. (2005) recommend the creation of a culturally responsive education system grounded in the ...