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Culturally Responsive Differentiated Instructional ... - NYU Steinhardt

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inappropriate (Klinger, Artiles, et. al. 2005). Klingner, Artiles, et.al. (2005) recommend the creation of a culturally responsive education system grounded in the ...

Differentiation of adipocytes and osteocytes from human ... - NCBI


However, in a study by Kern et al (2006), which compared isolation of MSC from .... Caviggioli F, Vinci V, Salval A, Klinger M. Human adipose-derived stem cells: ...

Running head: Subliminal Words Activate Categories SUBLIMINAL ...


Mark Klinger, Department of Psychology, University of Alabama. This research was ... robust and easily replicable (e.g., Dehaene et al., 1998; Draine & Greenwald, 1998; ... semantic classification task (e.g., animate vs. inanimate object; Damian, 2001).1 ..... Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 27 , 154-165.

Combining Next-Generation Sequencing and Immune Assays: A ...


Sep 19, 2013 ... (2011) Exhaustive T-cell repertoire sequencing of human peripheral blood samples ... Gawad C, Pepin F, Carlton V, Klinger M, Logan AC, et al.

Naturalistic Decision Making


Human Systems IAC GATEWAY Volume XI: Number 3 http://iac.dtic.mil/hsiac ... David Klinger. Figure 1. Four-alarm .... Hammond et al. (1987). At one extreme ...

Cell Death and Disease - In vitro differentiation of germ cells from ...


Oct 15, 2015 ... In 2005, Ohinata et al. devised a robust in vitro culture protocol to induce the ... Similarly, EG cells were derived from human PGCs. ..... PubMed |; De Felici M, Scaldaferri ML, Lobascio M, Iona S, Nazzicone V, Klinger FG et al.

The role of spontaneous thought in human cognition - CiteSeerX


be classified as mind wandering (Kane et al., 2007; Klinger & Cox, 1987). ... This chapter focuses on the role that spontaneous thought plays in human cognition.

Job Satisfaction - Timothy A. Judge

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TIMOTHY A. JUDGE and RYAN KLINGER. Work is .... Descriptive Index QDI; Smith et aI., 1969) and the Minnesota Satisfaction Ques- ..... Indeed, Judge et al.

Curriculum Vitae Name: Eric Klinger


Apr 5, 2015 ... Klinger, E., Barta, S. G., Mahoney, T.W., et al. (1976). Motivation, mood ... of consciousness: Scientific investigations into the flow of human experience (pp. 225-258). .... Individualized vs. general measures of implicit cognition.

Frontiers | Concentration: The Neural Underpinnings of How ...


... mental arithmetic determines the task's cognitive load (Klinger et al., 2011). ..... The remaining contrasts—3-back vs. silence and 1-back vs. silence—were used ..... “Anatomical organization of the human auditory cortex: cytoarchitecture and ...

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Inhibition of carbonic anhydrase-II by sulfamate and sulfamide ...


Klinger AL(1), McComsey DF, Smith-Swintosky V, Shank RP, Maryanoff BE. ... and sulfamide derivatives for inhibition of human carbonic anhydrase-II (CA-II) by using a direct binding assay based on the ThermoFluor method (Matulis et al.

Confirmation of a unique intra-dimer cooperativity in the human ...


Ackers GK(1), Holt JM, Huang Y, Grinkova Y, Klinger AL, Denisov I. ... Rule model of hemoglobin cooperativity (Ackers et al., Science 1992;255:54-63). ... and not solely the number of O(2) bound, nor the occupancy of alpha vs. beta subunits.

Multiplex Identification of Antigen-Specific T Cell Receptors Using a ...


Oct 28, 2015 ... Citation: Klinger M, Pepin F, Wilkins J, Asbury T, Wittkop T, Zheng J, et al. ...... The computed p-values of observed versus expected events are shown .... Overlap and effective size of the human CD8+ T cell receptor repertoire.