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An adult human male (left) and female (right) from Thailand ..... and religious structures to deal with the basic problems of human existence and organization.

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National Book Award Finalist. How did humanity originate and why does a species like ours exist on this planet? Do we have a special place, even a destiny in ...  · More about this product »

E.O. Wilson Chases The 'Great Riddle' Of Human Existence - Forbes

Sep 30, 2014 ... With a title as audacious as “The Meaning of Human Existence,” even a casual reader couldn't be faulted for expecting a veritable Rosetta ...
For some religious theists, their religion and religious beliefs are so important to them that they can't imagine anyone being without a religion of some sort. For such people, religion occupies such a fundamental and necessary aspect of how they live that they insist ... More »
By Austin Cline, Guide

Human existence

Publications from Dr. John Skoyles, an academic researcher from London, on the origins and nature of human biology, language, mind, society, faith, and ...

E.O. Wilson On 'The Meaning Of Human Existence' | Here & Now

Oct 14, 2014 ... Naturalist E.O. Wilson, author of “The Meaning of Human Existence.” (Jesse Costa/Here & Now). Biologist and naturalist E.O. Wilson has written ...

The Meaning of Human Existence by Edward O. Wilson, 2014 ...

The Meaning of Human Existence. Liveright Publishing Corporation/ W.W. Norton & Company. ISBN: 978-0871401007. Citation. The Meaning of Human ...

The Meaning of Human Existence | W. W. Norton & Company

In The Meaning of Human Existence, his most philosophical work to date, Pulitzer Prize–winning biologist Edward O. Wilson grapples with these and other ...

The Meaning of Life: An exploration of the purpose of human existence

Is there a purpose to human existence? Why do you human beings exist? Is our existence, our life, nothing but a random event? Do cows have a meaning or a ...

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Q: What is the value of human existence?
A: The value of human existence is solely our own, as our value to this planet or this universe is nothing, period. I would access there's a great cost for human e... Read More »
Q: What is the meaning of human existence?
A: If you see existence as only what you can see it is simply to make more humans. RB. understanding of human existing? Read More »
Q: What is the point of human existence?
A: The point of human existence is life and death. The point of life is experience, and the point of death is to end the life. Duh! Read More »
Q: Where do humans exist?
A: As far as anyone knows, humans only exist on the planet earth. There are ongoing studies Read More »
Q: Why do humans exist?
A: Because nobody has proof of what goes on in the afterlife, it's impossible to say for sure! Read More »