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The neck contains vessels that links structures in the head to the body. In humans these structures include part of the esophagus, ...

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Aug 6, 2016 ... The neck has the ability to support a great deal of weight too; the human head weighs nearly as much as the average bowling ball at around ...

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Dec 2, 2011 ... http://www.anatomyzone.com 3D anatomy tutorial on the organisation of the neck using the BioDigital Human Browser ...

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The section of the spine at the neck region is called the cervical spine. It starts at the atlas (the top cervical vertebra) and continues down to the C7 vertebra.

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The cervical spine (neck) is a well-engineered, strong structure that delicately houses the spinal cord and flexibly allows movement of the head in all directions.

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Homologous structure examples include wing structure of a bird and the arm structure ... wing, cat's leg, and the human arm are considered homologous structures. ... the giraffe has the very same number of neck bones (seven) as a giant whale ... Now that you have seen these examples of homologous structures , you can ...

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A section of the human vertebral column, showing multiple vertebrae in a left posterolateral view. Details. Identifiers. Latin, Vertebratus. TA · A02.2.01.001 · FMA · 9914 ·...

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These structures do not have to look exactly the same, or have the same function. ... Nonetheless, both human and giraffe necks contain seven bones.