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The femur or thighbone, is the most proximal bone of the leg in tetrapod vertebrates capable of ... By most measures the femur is the strongest bone in the body. ... In females the femora converge m...

Interesting Facts: The Human Thigh Bone Is Stronger Than Concrete


Your thighbone (femur) is the longest and strongest bone in your body. Because the femur is so strong, it usually takes a lot of force to break it, yet it gets ...

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Sep 15, 2011 ... In not way is steel this many times stronger than bone. ... "human skeleton is 3 times lighter than steel" but how much steel? lol this is the ...

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You're currently on our quick human facts page where you'll learn loads of cool facts about humans, their ... Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. 17.

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Sep 11, 2007 ... There are quite a few biology facts on human body at sciensational. Let's begin ... Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. Yup, that's ...

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Jun 28, 2014 ... In fact, the femur bone (thigh) is the strongest bone in the entire body and is about 8 times stronger than concrete. According to WikiAnswers, it ...

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Human thighbones are stronger than concrete. - The attachment of human muscles to skin is what causes dimples. -Your thumb is the same ...

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Infact, for size all bones are much stronger thatn concrete. About 8 times. They're flexible ... They're flexible, lightweight and super hard. Yet will break if alot of force is given. A thigh bone can withstand about a tonne of stress before snapping.

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First, we need to define what "strong" means. If you define "strong" as being able to absorb a ... If you had a human femur made of solid steel, and compared it to a human femur made of bone, the ... Is wood stronger than steel and concrete?

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Aug 15, 2008 ... The human body perplexes scientists again, the light-weight & hollow human bone is 65x times stronger than concrete but extremely ...

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Mar 30, 2013 ... The thigh bone of a human is so strong, it's actually stronger than concrete. It makes sense as well, given that it's the thigh bones which are ...

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Feb 3, 2010 ... Human bones are incredibly strong, but as we know they can break. ... Bone is extraordinarily strong — ounce for ounce, bone is stronger than steel, since a bar of steel of ... pickup trucks — making it about four times as strong as concrete. ... It takes more force to fracture the femur, Bir noted — maybe some ...

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We sure have lots of bones! We sure ... Humans and giraffes have the same ... Your Femur (thigh bone) i h is stronger than concrete. • Bone is stronger, inch.