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Biocentrism in a political and ecological sense, as well as literally, it is an ethical point of view ... All living organisms pursue their own "good" in their own ways. Human beings are not inherently superior to other living things.


Whereas human beings have developed capabilities unmatched by any other living creatures on Earth, have learned to control the forces of nature and have ...


Could someone please tell me if a human being can be classified as a living thing? Thanks.


To accurately see why a sperm or an oocyte are considered as only possessing human life, and not as living human beings themselves, one needs to look at the  ...


Comprehensive list of synonyms for general words for living things, by Macmillan ... noun. any living thing that is not a human, a plant, an insect, a bird, or a fish ...


Not for nothing do we say that a person is alive as long as he is living for others. Human beings act in the forms determined by the whole preceding development  ...


Human including all other Animals started from almost similar conditions. But Human use Learnings, knowledge, discoveries etc of the previous generations and ...


Apr 15, 2009 ... 'Human beings are not really individuals; they're communities of organisms,' says microbiologist Margaret McFall-Ngai. 'This could be the basis ...


Mar 25, 2016 ... What separates humans from other animals? Some of the ... By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor | March 25, 2016 01:07pm ET.

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