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Global warming is happening now, and scientists are confident that greenhouse ... Earth's climate changed due to natural causes not related to human activity.

Top 10 Reasons Humans Are Not Causing Global Warming


Jan 13, 2015 ... Think it's getting a little hot in here? Do you think humans are to blame? Here are the Top 10 Reasons Humans Are Not Causing Global ...

The facts don't add up for human-caused global warming ...


May 29, 2014 ... Scientists search for truth by observation and experimentation, not by taking polls . Consensus is a political concept.

Global Warming Is Natural, Not Man-Made


ers of global warming will not argue this point. Instead, they argue that humans are only par- tially responsible for the observed climate change. If one takes a.

Are humans too insignificant to affect global climate?


In other cases the human causes of climate change are more complex. ... Of itself this does not prove global warming, but it does invalidate any assertions that ...

Do We Know that Humans Are the Major Cause of Global Warming


How Do We Know that Humans Are the Major Cause of Global Warming? ... This differential would not occur if the sun was the sole climate driver, as solar ...

Study: Global Warming Caused By 'Natural Variations' | The Daily ...


May 22, 2015 ... Former UN Lead Author: Global Warming Caused By 'Natural ... average surface temperature from 1951 to 2010” have been caused by human activity. ... This means that warming is not very significant within the context of the ...

Global Warming - Global Warming Facts and Global Climate ...


That was a long winded way of stating the obvious answer - the last ICE AGE was ended by a wonderful period of global warming was not caused by humans.

10 reasons why we shouldn't worry about 'man-made' global warming


Dec 1, 2015 ... The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris would have us all terrified about the ... But this rise in temperatures was not unprecedented. ... the “consensus” that “humans are the primary cause of recent global warming”.

Wrap-up: U.S. Senate agrees climate change is real—but not ...


Jan 21, 2015 ... Measures declaring humans contribute to climate change got a majority of ... change is real—but not necessarily that humans are causing it.

Human Causes of Global Warming
According to the Environmental Defense Fund, approximately 400,000 square miles of arctic ice has melted over the last 30 years. This is probably largely due to the impact of global warming. Global warming is a slowly increasing temperature in the... More »
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Is Human Activity Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Change? ... related to whether or not human activity is a substantial cause of global climate change.

Humans not to blame for global warming, says Greenpeace co ...


Feb 27, 2014 ... Humans are NOT to blame for global warming, says Greenpeace .... 'The IPCC states that humans are the dominant cause of warming “since ...

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Models that account only for the effects of natural processes are not able to .... The primary human activity affecting the amount and rate of climate change is ...