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Moral skepticism


Moral skepticism (or moral scepticism) is a class of metaethical theories all members of which ... Defenders of some form of moral skepticism include David Hume, J. L. ... Put another way, if "...

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Metaethics investigates where our ethical principles come from, and what they mean. ... believe that God wills moral principles, such as "murder is wrong," and these ... The second is cultural relativism which maintains that morality is grounded in the ... From Hume's day forward, more rationally-minded philosophers have ...

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The eighteenth century texts of David Hume and Adam Smith used the word .... While “sympathy” comes across into German as “sympathie,” the seed was ..... Pity and compassion are words appropriated to signify our fellow-feeling with ...... He needs instruction in ethics: Killing is wrong, regardless of what the Fuhrer says.

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D)they believe a woman's right to privacy comes firs, they believe it violates God's .... _____ is the view that morality (behavior which is right and wrong) is culturally ... Ethical Subjectivism maintains that ______ define our moral judgments, not ... A)David Hume B)James Rachels C)Ayn Rand D)Immanuel Kant, Ayn Rand.

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(8) The Stoics did not, however, maintain that suicide would be justified ... John Donne asserted that while suicide is morally wrong in many cases, it can ... of Hume and Aquinas on Suicide," in Ethical Issues in Death and Dying, ed. ..... But this is exactly the sort of dying process we believe many in our society want to avoid.

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Hume maintains that the vice or virtue of a n action is not a matter of fact about the ... CWJhat we believe or 'pronounce' when we regard an action as vicious is ... making our perceptual judgement; so too, when we judge the morality of an action from ...... the sincere moral judgement that murder is wrong, without having now.

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Feb 15, 2013 ... To judge the workings of our moral faculties, then, we need to consider ... This is somewhat different from Hume's account, on which sympathy normally ... This difference is of great importance to Smith, since he maintains that .... people who come to believe in higher powers will naturally attribute virtues, ....

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Jul 19, 2011 ... Tags: aristotle, david hume, intrinsic values, lawrence becker, moral ... we ought to do to accomplish our goals, fulfill our desires, or maintain our commitments. ... to be the case is a “moral fact” beyond our beliefs, desires, and commitments; .... When we say that murder is wrong, we are stating our repulsion ....

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Your use of the HUME STUDIES archive indicates your acceptance of HUME STUDIES' Terms and ... according to Hutcheson and Hume, for an action to be wrong is for .... Hume maintains in response that we assume some standard perspective, ..... (b) the motivating force of morality comes from the internal nature of its.

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assumptions onto Hume's text, have accorded this passage the wrong sort of importance: that .... judgments turn out to be beliefs about our sentiments, conflicts with, and would have .... mean, because that is all that, on reflection, you could maintain.'O ... The is-ought paragraph comes at the conclusion of a sustained argu-.

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Hume is our Politics, Hume is our Trade, Hume is our Philosophy, Hume is our ... He also advanced theories on the origin of popular religious beliefs, ..... (1) He first maintains that we have no idea of infinitely divisible time (Treatise, ..... Reason, he argues, is completely inert when it comes to motivating conduct, ...

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whether one thinks that moral judgements express beliefs or not. Non-cognitivism ... To say that 'Murder is wrong' is to express one's disapproval of ... Whatever I come to feel will be right! ... Our aim here, however, is to extract the main line of ...

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Mar 27, 2014 ... Hume believes that all human knowledge comes to us through our senses. .... beliefs are intrinsically motivating—if you believe killing is wrong, you ..... the Principles concerning Religion and Morality, said to be maintain'd in ...