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Hungarian names - Wikipedia


The Hungarian language normally puts family names first, except for ... Some Hungarian surnames relate to professions, ...

Hungarian Last Names - Family Education


Hungarian Last Names. AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Share to Twitter Share to Email Share to More. Search for Names ...

Behind the Name: Hungarian Surnames


Hungarian Surnames. Home » Names. Hungarian names are used in the country of Hungary in central Europe. See also about Hungarian names.

Behind the Name: Most Common Surnames in Hungary 2006


Most Common Surnames in Hungary 2006 ... Create a Name Cloud ... Information from Hungary's Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public  ...

Behind the Name: Hungarian Submitted Surnames


GUZI Hungarian As far as known, Guzi means 'friend' but as far as other meanings go, it is unknown. Due to its origin, the last name has two factions of distant ...

The most frequent Hungarian surnames


Name, No. of hits. Albert, 1038. Ambrus, 1357. Angyal, 1027. Antal, Antall, 3811. Asztalos, 1056. Ács, Áts, 2820. Baán, Bán, 1685. Bagi, Bagy, 1039. Bakó, 1352.

Most common last names in Slovakia and Hungary; Slovak Studies ...


The frequency and shape of the most common last names (as well as place names) in Slovakia and Hungary have been influenced by their joint history of over ...

Hungary Exchange - Surname Database


Hungarian Surname Meanings - A-H I-Q R-Z. If you would like to add your surnames to this database, please send me an email via the Contact link on the top ...

Hungarian Last Names [Surnames]


Find out how surnames are ranked in popularity, how many people in the United States of America bear a ... Hungarian last names in alphabetical order: