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Is a Sugar Solution Hypertonic?
A solution taken by itself cannot be hypertonic, because a solution can only be described as hypertonic (or hypotonic) relative to a second solution. Both solutions must be connected by a semi-permeable membrane; the solution with the greater amount of... More »
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Tonicity is a measure of the effective osmotic pressure gradient (as defined by the water potential of the two solutions) of two solutions separated by a ...

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Concept 2 Review. Isotonic, Hypotonic, and Hypertonic Solutions. Water moves readily across cell membranes through special protein-lined channels, and if the  ...

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Hypertonic comes from the Greek "hyper," meaning over, and "tonos," meaning stretching. In a hypertonic solution the total molar concentration of all dissolved ...

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May 13, 2015 ... A hypotonic solution is one in which the concentration of solutes is greater inside the cell than outside of it, and a hypertonic solution is one ...

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A hypertonic solution is a particular type of solution that has a greater concentration of solutes on the outside of a cell when compared with the inside of a cell.

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What is a hypotonic solution? the solution has a lower solute concentration than the cell so water moves into the cell causing plant cells to swell and animal cells  ...

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Hypertonic solution: A solution that contains more dissolved particles (such as salt and other electrolytes) than is found in normal cells and blood. For example ...

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Hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic solutions (tonicity). Seeing the effect of various types of solution on the direction of osmosis.

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IV fluids are commonly organized into three general categories: isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic. Providers typically order a solution based on the particular ...

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Q: Which egg was in hypertonic solution?
A: Corn syrup. Read More »
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Q: What is the use of hypertonic solution?
A: Hypertonic solution is a solution that's concentration is higher than the eukaryotic cell that is placed in .it is normally used in situations where you need to... Read More »
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Q: What are Hypertonic solution examples.
A: 3% saline. Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of a hypertonic solution?
A: Hypertonic Solution: any solution w/ higher salt concentration than Read More »
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Q: What are the examples of hypertonic solution.
A: 3% sodium chloride. 5% sodium chloride. 10% dextrose in water. 5% dextrose in water. 5% dextrose in .9% sodium chloride. 5% dextrose in .45% sodium chloride. 5%... Read More »
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