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In geometry, a hypotenuse (alternate spelling: hypothenuse) is the longest side of a right-angled triangle, the side opposite of the right angle. The length of the ...

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A right triangle consists of two legs and a hypotenuse. The two legs meet at a 90° angle and the hypotenuse is the longest side of the right triangle and is the ...

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Geometry calculator for solving the Pythagorean Theorem of an right triangle given the ... Solving for Pythagorean Theorem - length of side c - Hypotenuse:.

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When you see a right triangle with legs of ... that the hypotenuse length must be 4.62.

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Aug 6, 2011 ... Basically, how to find the hypotenuse of a right triangle or if the hypotenuse is already given to solve for another leg length which may be ...

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In this lesson you will learn how to find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle by using the Pythagorean Theorem.

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The Right-angled Triangles Calculator ... units, Right Triangle. edge c = units ... The name hypotenuse is given to the longest edge in a right-angled triangle.

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Special cases of the right triangle include the isosceles right triangle (middle ... The hypotenuse of a right triangle is a diameter of the triangle's circumcircle, ...

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An isosceles right triangle therefore has angles of 45 degrees , 45 degrees , and 90 degrees . For an isosceles right triangle with side lengths a , the hypotenuse ...

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Read and learn for free about the following article: Sides of right triangles. ... The hypotenuse of a right triangle is always the side opposite the right angle.

The hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle. It sits opposite the triangle's right angle.
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Right Triangles -formulas, rules explained with pictures , several practice problems and a free right triangle calculator.

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If a and b are the lengths of the legs of a right triangle and c is the length of the hypotenuse, then the sum of the squares of the lengths of the legs is equal to the  ...

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About This Tool. The online Hypotenuse Calculator is used to calculate the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle. Formula. The following is the calculation ...