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Huge collection of all types of hypothetical questions... for when you're bored or want a bit of fun.


They would basically "kill" the you on the starting end and recreate you from scratch at the destination, its basically cloning you... but you could travel insanely  ...


Huge collection of all types of hypothetical questions... for when you're bored or want a bit of fun.


Sep 14, 2016 ... 6.7k. unsplash.com. 1. If you could go back and relive one year from your childhood, which year would it be and why? 2. If you had to switch ...


A collection of over 100 hypothetical questions. Some are funny and others are very serious. A great solution to standard small talk.


Feb 10, 2014 ... Hypothetical questions can be a good way to spend some time learning about the values and beliefs of others. Offering insight and thought ...


May 2, 2002 ... 20 Hypothetical Questions. I'm asking other people too and will share the final % results eventually... 1) Would you be willing to spend a night ...


Feb 16, 2012 ... In the Life's Little Mysteries 'What if?' series, we find experts to answer all kinds of bizarre but fascinating hypothetical questions.


Definition of hypothetical question: A question based on certain proven or assumed facts, and formulated to arrive at a generalized answer applicable in most ...


Someone forwarded these hypothetical questions to me. Now I am blessing ibo. com with their presence. Have fun! - Odd Hypothetical ...