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ABOUT US. We are a fun, interesting, and creative subreddit for you to ask what others would do in certain hypothetical situations.


Huge collection of all types of hypothetical questions... for when you're bored or want a bit of fun.


May 2, 2002 ... 20 Hypothetical Questions. ... 20) You are leading 100 people in a survivalist situation, when suddenly your lives are in danger and you must ...


When you and your boyfriend are sitting around the couch talking about nothing, you should ask him about some hypothetical situations. Don't ask him which ...


hypothetical situation. A questionable event brought up in conversation which has already happened, or has been planned out completely in the speaker's mind ...


Sep 1, 2013 ... The tenses with wishes and hypothetical situations. We use past tense forms when we talk about wishes. We use would and could to talk about ...


Jun 6, 2017 ... I live in a world filled with hypothetical situations because I impose them upon myself. Therefore,when I obsess a lot over things that won't ...


Hypothetical Situations and Wishes. By Mags Wisniewska, Teacher at St Giles Brighton. Remember! We can imagine past, present and future situations.


Would you always use the subjunctive in hypothetical situations?


The common goal of a hypothetical question is to explore the potential consequences of the principle in question. There are lots of sub-categories (i.e. Spo...