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10 More Reasons Why Parents Should Not Send Their Kids to College


Jan 6, 2011 ... and quotes in the articles like, “Why are we always so stupid? ... “the government should take his kids away. .... If you can't read a book without being on a college campus and paying $100-200k a year for ..... deep self-examination, or the kind of rational-critical thinking that was the historical foundation of ...

Educating Rita - Faculty.frostburg


"Educating Rita" describes the trials and transformations that the young ... The story is presented in the form of a comedy, a comedy that revolves around the ... doing the right thing in turning Rita into the kind of person who is acceptable to and ... she blows up at him: "I'll tell you what you can't bear, Mr. ...

When a Wife/Partner Succeeds, Men Lose Self-Esteem


Sep 3, 2013 ... A man's implicit self-esteem is hurt by a romantic partner's success, the authors ..... Ultimately I think most people would take a hit to their self esteem if their ... was 4 years before my ex-husband moved out: My first day of college. ... enroll – You know, really good reasons such as being away from the kids...

Being Privileged Is Not A Choice, So Stop Hating Me For It | Thought ...


Sep 22, 2013 ... Brought to you by thought.is ... I'm sick of feeling self-conscious every time someone brings up the ... They wanted to pay for my college and graduate school . ... I was taught that you should always dress for the job you want, not the ... to be born into this kind of circumstance and I'm tired of being judged f...

Class Action The anger of a first-generation student


Growing up, my parents always told me that I could be and do whatever I wanted. ... Ema Loftis is a graduate of Wellesley College and a former Class Action intern. ... resent you for it, and so do those girls who allow you to take their punishment. ... Being a first generation college student I didn't have great support from my ...

How to stop being jealous - I Will Teach You To Be Rich


Once you get into college, you're not all taking the same classes. ... So when I got this question from Matthew R. on jealousy, I wanted to take a few .... (3) I educated myself by researching people who I thought were successful ... I'm jealous of people who have more self discipline than I do. .... I'm nice and I end up w...

How to Think


The single most important skill you should take away from your college years is how to think and think ... But being educated is not the same as being well- informed. ... All of this, though, might strike you as strange, since most of us have been brought up to be ... What kinds of skills do you need in order to figure all this out?

The First Real-Time Study of Parents Spanking Their Kids | TIME.com


Jun 28, 2011 ... It's not P.C. to admit you spank your child. ... In the 1990s, Holden conducted research that showed 70% of college-educated women spank their children; .... Intelligent parents will always have intelligent children. ... Or when you take away something they like and they hit you? ... Discipline is a nice word.

Your Marriage Will Be Happier If Your Husband Is Better-Educated ...


But even if your college dropout husband isn't a billionaire, just a regular guy .... well-read, or interested in self-education or challenging himself intellectually, and he ... with your partner about how you will solve your resentment — for instance, ... problem from just not getting your intellectual fix, and it sounds like you ...

The Logic of Stupid Poor People | tressiemc


Oct 29, 2013 ... If you are poor, why do you spend money on useless status symbols like ... and we encouraged the girl children, especially, to go to some kind of college. ..... Sorry might be a little to real for some but being poor, poor educated and getting ..... I see how some chicks take the welfare and blow it on them self.

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Comparing Modern Education to a Placebo | Ben Casnocha


Jul 17, 2009 ... Self-confidence is extremely important. ... If you want your headache to go away, it doesn't matter if you take real Advil ... are being educated, I would argue that a “ placebo” institution that would be ... While in college I merely accepted that I was getting an education. ..... All really nice people doing good s...

Why Self-Educated Learners Often Come Up Short - Scott H Young


Feb 24, 2010 ... You could take a degree, or even post-graduate education, in the subject. ... Being my biggest goal during my stay in France, I've dedicated a few 30 Day Trials ... I would always have a project I wanted to use the new-found skills on. ... I constantly self educate myself (have college too) and could say that I ...

4 Brilliant Reasons To Not Go To College - StartupCamp


Dec 31, 2014 ... Self Application Will Always Beat Education ... Fact: Student loan debt is the only debt that can't be removed if you go bankrupt. ..... I think you needed to be more specific on the type of college degree, rather than being so general, ..... I'm so glad you were able to take something positive away from your ...

The Ivy League, Mental Illness, and the Meaning of Life - The Atlantic


Aug 19, 2014 ... They're always doing the next thing they're being told to do. ... You end up being the kind of leader that I talk about in the last section of ... music, theater, philosophy, which were in turn brought into college curricula. ... School must not take away your opportunities to self-reflect on your own. ... Prese...

10 Things I Can't Stand About Educated Black People | MadameNoire


Oct 28, 2013 ... This author who happens to also consider herself educated and black ... meeting one of her friends from college to have a full, proper dinner. ... of literally thousands of Black People being lynched in the south. ..... This takes time away from you that could be contributing to your own .... i have to type that way.