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Eviction Notice – What To Do | Apartment Ratings


Mar 8, 2006 ... You've never even considered the possibility of being evicted. .... I am 8 days late on my rent if I am served with an eviction notice how long til I ...

Tenant Eviction: What You Should Know as a Renter - FindLaw


You should know that, under eviction law, your landlord cannot simply kick you ... Your last choice is to not do anything and continue to live in your apartment. ... to make necessary repairs to the property after repeatedly being informed of the ...

Rights of Tenants: Evictions | Pine Tree Legal Assistance


Does my landlord have to have a reason to evict me? This depends .... You must move out of your apartment within 48 hours after getting the "writ." If you do not ...

How Evictions Work: What Renters Need to Know | Nolo.com


Your landlord can't evict you without terminating the tenancy first. This usually means giving you adequate written notice, in a specified way and form. If you don 't ...

Being Evicted or Breaking a Lease - Nolo.com


Breaking a lease doesn't necessarily mean being on the hook for the rest of the rent. ... Must I leave my security deposit with my college apartment-mates?

I'm being evicted - The Mix


Sep 29, 2015 ... The Mix tells you what to do if you're being evicted. ... My boyfriend and the worker at the apartment building I live in the workers was swearing ...

Eviction Laws: What You Need to Know as a Renter | Apartments.com


Mar 19, 2013 ... Most renters realize that you can be evicted if you don't pay your rent. ... When most people hear eviction, they think about people getting ... Know About Getting Evicted · My Apartment's Getting Foreclosed On! What Can I Do?

Eviction Notice From a Marshal - Housing Court Answers


Who can evict me from my apartment? ... What if someone who lives in my home is sick, disabled or elderly or I am at the end of my pregnancy or have an infant ...

What to Expect If You're Getting Evicted | realtor.com®


Jun 17, 2015 ... Unfortunately, an eviction can affect your job and apartment search, as well as your credit score. Many states have searchable eviction ...

What to Do If You're Being Evicted From an Apartment Complex ...


Don't delay in responding if you're being evicted from an apartment. Even the thought of eviction is a frightening concept, but it can seem less daunting if you ...