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Jun 25, 2015 ... If you haven't had your period yet or you've missed a few periods, you're probably ... method of contraception has failed, amenorrhea can mean that she is pregnant . .... Information · I haven't had my period in 4 months and I'm not sexually active. What's up with that? I'm 14 and I hav...

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Mar 14, 2015 ... If not pregnancy, then it is 100% abnormal. Also, a gap of months ... Should I go to the hospital if I am 16 and haven't gotten my first period yet?

Causes of Late Period when Negative Pregnancy Test


Once it's established that you have a late period but aren't not pregnant, it's time ..... i am excited for my 8 days delayed. this is unsual for me. my last mens cycle ...... The last time I had my period was in November 2015 and I haven't got it since .

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It is important not to dismiss one negative pregnancy test... ... I haven't had my periods in two months now, which is causing anxiety for me. This problem did occur last year too, but ... Am I pregnant or is there any other reason for my period to be late? Bleeding between .... Getting healthy just got a whole lot easier. Preview ...

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Then now its april 18th i still din get period and am not pregnant. .... I am 15 and I haven't got my periods for 5 months now . this thing happened to me before , I ...

No period and not pregnant..Talked to Gyno need some advice ...


I haven't ever been this late so I called my doctor and asked her what she thought . ... I am just scared that since I am not having my period I am not ovulatin and .... I have had herpes for a while and have never missed a periods sinc I got them.

7 Months, and I Still Haven't Gotten My Period | Menstrual cycle ...


Mar 22, 2016 ... I haven't gotten my period since the end of July, except for a couple of days of mild ... I'm too scared to go to a gyno, and i'm obviously not pregnant. ... I am really scared that i cant had children when im older, i havent even had ...

Please Help Me. I haven't had my periods for OVER 70 days--NOT ...


Jan 28, 2008 ... I haven't had my periods for OVER 70 days--NOT PREGNANT. ... I got sent for ultrasound on my ovaries.. which clearly showed the "ring of pearl effect".. too ... Will I still be able to have children if I am diagnosed with PCOS?

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Oct 1, 2013 ... I am not pregnant because my tummy is so small! ... Hi I'm 13 and I haven't gotten my period in an month I'm still a virgin though I just need help ...
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Aug 25, 2013 ... i am 12 and my period has not come for a month. ... Omg thanks so much I haven' t got my period in a month and I'm only 10 thank god it's nothing serious ... if you' re not sexually active, then you're not pregnant. just ask your ...
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Apr 1, 2013 ... I am now, I believe, at day 25 on my luteal phase and 12 days late on my period. ... I haven't started my period in almost a month no I'm not pregnant ... Hi i havent had my period since june i got on the depo in june i had to get ...

Haven't Got My Period But Pregnancy Test Negative?


Unfortunately, you are missing your period but you're not pregnant. .... i am planning to visit my doctor for a blood test to see if im pregnant or what. ... I haven' t gotten my period for 3 months I took a pregnancy test but came out positive I took it ...

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The fact that you have not had a period for nine months means that you are not ovulating ... Am I pregnant or is there any other reason for my period to be late?