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Negative HPT, but still pregnant? | Mom Answers | BabyCenter


Oct 5, 2007 ... What's the longest anyone has received a negative HPT, later to find out they are ... pregnancy symptoms but negative hpt - but NO ONE has come back to say if they ... I have taken over 15 test I am about 5 months pregnant.

Just feel pregnant, but negative urine test &amp ... - BabyCenter


Oct 10, 2007 ... HPTs came back negative, but I'm still nauseous & feeling like, what if I am? ... I took about 10 HPT's and all were negative but I just felt pregnant. ... I just got over my period, and all of my HPTs have come back negative, but I ...

Can you have a negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant ...


“If you think you may be pregnant but the pregnancy test is negative, there may ... “I have had false negatives but only when I've tested before my AF [Aunty Flow ... “When I come to do a test with FMU, will the fact that I've already been to the loo a ... I am 20 days late and still no big fat positive I've noticed little p...

Negative Pregnancy Test But Still Feel Pregnant - New Kids Center


If you have a negative blood test but still feel pregnant, let's take a look below for some ... Case 1 “I'm pregnant and have been since the start of June. ... The doctor had me come back two weeks later and my blood test was finally positive.

Having Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Tests - EnkiVillage


Having Pregnancy Symptoms but Negative Tests, Does That Mean I'm Not .... Am having the same peoblem your having @karen my period usual comes on very ...

later found out pregnant after negative blood and urine tests ...


I have been gettign minor cramps like if I am goign to start my period but I ... told me I could have a ectopic pregnancy or its too early.she ask me to come back the .... I've heard of women who have had negative pregnancy tests (HPTs & blood ...

Negative Pregnancy Test and Missed Period


... Conflicting Results Explanations for a missed period and a negative pregnancy test. ... the negative test result? If I'm not pregnant, then where is my period?

Causes of Late Period when Negative Pregnancy Test


You may have a negative pregnancy test, but you could still be pregnant. ..... of my period to come)but it appeared on the 27th….we thought already im pregnant  ...

If I feel pregnant, why do all the tests say negative? - BabyCentre


But home pregnancy tests are usually very good, and if multiple tests come up .... my period last wednesay the 4th of May and my period was really heavy so I'm ...

Was pregnant but had negative tests ladies please share ...


The results of the blood test came out positive so I AM pregnant! I'm not ... Carmella, my period has continued to come but has been very off.

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How reliable is a negative pregnancy test result? | BabyCenter


A negative home pregnancy test result can be wrong, and it happens more often than you think. Find out what causes false ... Join our "Am I pregnant?" group discussion. .... My period is late, but my pregnancy tests are negative. Could I still be ...

How Many Of You Got Negative Pregnancy Test Results But Were ...


Mar 16, 2010 ... Im four days late on my period and have taken three test; all of which have come back negative. I have a gut feeling that Im pregnant just like I ...

Can You Be Pregnant if the Pregnancy Test is Negative?


I havent gotten my period this month and i did a test and it came out negative im late and ... I dd happened to me I took lot of pregnant test comes negative but I was ... pg test but all have come back negative, is it possible I am/was pregnant?